Announcing New SendGrid Features and Functionality

September 11, 2014
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Announcing New SendGrid Features and Functionality

As the world’s largest email infrastructure as a service, we’re constantly improving the SendGrid experience and functionality for our customers. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of 4 new features:
  • Email Scheduling Parameters
  • IP Warm Up
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • SSL-Enabled Click and Open Tracking.
These new features are available right now and are completely free to use depending on your plan.

Below, you’ll find a brief description of each of the new SendGrid features and how they’ll benefit your email program. For additional information, as well as directions on how to implement them, please click on the links to each of their Documentation pages.

Email Scheduling Parameters

With SendGrid's Email Scheduling Parameters you can send large volumes of email in queued batches or target individual recipients by using a UNIX timestamp parameter. This new functionality:
  • Improves efficiency of processing and distributing large volumes of email.
  • Reduces email pre-processing time.
  • Enables you to time email arrival to increase open rates.
  • Is available for free to all SendGrid customers.
Visit the Email Scheduling Parameters documentation page.

IP Warm Up

Warming up an IP is a process of gradually increasing sending volume over a period of time to establish a reputation as a legitimate sender from the perspective of ISPs (Internet Service Providers). This process is performed when you have a dedicated IP that needs to develop a good reputation to ensure email deliverability.

SendGrid is now offering the ability to warm up an IP via an API. Customers can now easily warm up their dedicated IPs without the assistance of SendGrid Support or an Account Manager.

Benefits of the IP Warm Up API include:
  • Self-service warm up through a RESTful API
  • Ensure IPs are warmed up properly to ensure ISPs recognize them as legitimate senders.
This new feature is only available to Silver accounts and higher that have dedicated IPs. Learn more on the IP Warm Up API documentation page.

2-Factor Authentication

We’ve added 2-Factor Authentication to SendGrid so that customers can add a layer of defense, in case their passwords get compromised. When enabled, 2-Factor Authentication prompts users for their usual username and password, as well as a one-time authentication code sent to their mobile device.

2-Factor Authentication makes it harder for people who shouldn’t have access to your account to gain access to your account information. Learn more on the 2-Factor Authentication documentation page.

SSL-Enabled Click and Open Tracking

When enabled, this feature SSL encrypts the connection between the recipient click and open actions and allows SendGrid to better protect their confidential user data. For accounts that are not sender authenticated, this feature is already enabled by default. For accounts with authenticated senders, the feature can be easily set up with a CDN service.

To learn more, please visit the SSL-Enabled Click and Open Tracking documentation page.

We’re excited to bring these new features to our customers and are looking forward to announcing more updates that enhance the SendGrid experience. Feel free to contact us if you’d like assistance upgrading your account or implementing these or other SendGrid features.

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