11 Clever AI Email Management Tools and Features

September 28, 2023
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Grant Olsen
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11 Clever AI Email Management Tools and Features

AI email management is increasingly moving from an ideal to a must.

In the early days of email, inboxes had lots in common with traditional mailboxes. Once delivered to your inbox, communications waited there for you to open the “box” and view the contents. It’s no wonder that the first email program, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1960s, got the name MAILBOX.

Fast forward a few decades and the mailbox symbol was practically ubiquitous. The email services of America Online, represented by the image of a letter protruding from a mailbox, were so popular it inspired the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”

It all seemed simple enough back then. Messages arrived, and we opened them at our convenience.

But technology has evolved dramatically since the ‘90s. We now get more messages, with more sophisticated content, than would’ve seemed possible to most business leaders back then.

In 2021, the average American spent more than five hours a day checking their work and personal emails. We’re now so overwhelmed by our emails that there are books, webinars, and training seminars dedicated to the idea of inbox zero.

But with the help of AI for email management, you can transcend inbox zero and focus more on getting exceptional results and streamlining your life in the process. From automatic responders to top-notch security, this technology can improve your life.

How AI for email management works

Everyone is a prime candidate for AI email management. At its best, it helps you read high-priority emails, respond promptly, archive certain emails, and get better results from your searches.

And while you might feel nervous about AI operating within your emails, it’s already here. Every time Gmail recommends recipients for your email or warns you about a potentially malicious message, you benefit from AI. Or if Outlook notifies you that you forgot to attach the document you referenced in your message or catches a spelling error, AI has once again come to your rescue.

As illustrated by these common examples, you’re still in control while using AI inbox management. The technology analyzes, reports, suggests, and creates, but you still have the final say.

11 top-notch AI email management tools

Every email user has a unique set of priorities and needs. Is your biggest challenge keeping your inbox organized? Or do you need help sending great responses? Regardless of what you face, there are specialized AI tools available. 

Let’s explore some of the best options.

1. Mailman

Since we’ve already discussed the mailbox legacy of email, it’s appropriate to start things off with Mailman. This plug-in helps you prioritize every message before it enters your inbox, helping you to avoid trivial emails. Those lower-priority messages are still viewable but arrive in a discrete way to disturb you.

You can check out Mailman during a 21-day free trial. After that, it costs as little as $8 a month if you want to continue.

2. Warmer.ai

Cold sales emails tend to sound, well, cold. This AI-powered email assistant warms up your messages by personalizing them for each recipient. Select your objective for the email, submit LinkedIn pages or websites for the recipients, and let the technology create custom subject lines and body copy that reflects the personality and interests of the recipient.

Following the free trial period, the pricing for Warmer.ai starts around $60 a month.

3. Saleshandy

This popular AI tool helps you create templates, optimize your email copy, add personalization, and make your cold emails stand out. It also verifies your contact lists, and once you’ve clicked send, you’ll receive notifications of the emails’ performance.

You can explore Saleshandy for free during the week-long trial. If you decide to stick around, the basic tier starts at $27.

4. Levity

While Saleshandy offers a range of email functions, Levity is laser-focused on organization. So if decluttering messages is a priority for you, this user-friendly tool could be a prime AI inbox management option.

Levity offers a 30-day free trial on paid tiers, which start at $240 a month for organization-wide access. If you want to use it on the solo level, there’s also a free account available.

5. SaneBox

Like a futuristic filing cabinet, SaneBox analyzes your behavior to learn how to consolidate your emails into categorized folders. Each time you check your inbox, you’ll find messages sorted into relevant folders to enhance your productivity.

You can use the two-week trial period to see if SaneBox is a good fit for your needs. There’s no credit card needed for this trial. But if you continue with this AI-driven email management tool, there’s a $7 a month subscription available. Paying in two-year chunks drops the price to about $4 a month.

6. Shortwave

This email assistant, created by former Google employees, is another great organization tool. It prioritizes tasks, summarizes emails, and helps you get more from your email with less effort. You can even enlist it to respond to basic emails on your behalf. 

Shortwave offers a free plan, but after 90 days, the ability to search your email history ends. At that point, you can continue to use the limited account or upgrade to the $9-a-month plan.

7. OMQ Reply

You can upgrade from Shortwave’s automated-response feature to a more specialized tool like OMQ Reply. This AI for email management tool analyzes your emails and detects patterns. With these insights, it can accurately respond to common inquiries and tasks.

Use the 14-day trial to test OMQ Reply to see if it’s a good match for your needs. You can then sign up for a Starter, Business, Corporate, or Enterprise plan.

8. SpamTitan

It’s hard enough to keep your email inbox healthy without malicious parties trying to sneak in. SpamTitan uses AI to detect spam, phishing messages, spear phishing messages, malware, and ransomware. The interface is user friendly, and the advanced features turn your email system into a fortress.

Use the 14-day free trial to help you decide if it’s worth the monthly fee. In weighing the costs, consider how much malicious emails could cost your organization if you’re not thoroughly protected.

9. Flowrite

As we look at a trio of email writing tools, let’s start with the best for beginners. Flowrite has a logical interface, making it straightforward to create templates and get AI-generated email copy. Just submit a prompt and review the resulting message to ensure its accuracy.

As with many AI-driven email management tools, Flowrite offers a two-week free trial. If it offers the features you need, you can sign up for a paid plan. For a more robust tool, consider one of the next two options on this list.

10. Copy.ai

This comprehensive content creator uses AI to compose emails, blog posts, social media captions, and other sales content. After submitting your project’s key points and tone, you can review multiple options and choose the one that checks all the boxes. Copy.ai’s built-in AI editor reviews everything in detail prior to sending it into the world.

Given its wide-ranging functionality, the price for Copy.ai is higher than many other AI email management tools. While there’s a limited free plan, the Pro plan is $49 a month after a seven-day free trial.

11. Rytr

Here’s another popular multipurpose AI writing tool. Rytr can help you with emails, social posts, blog articles, taglines, interview questions, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. For teams that want email and sales capabilities, Rytr delivers.

While this tool lacks some advanced features, it comes with a budget-friendly price tag. The free plan limits you to 10,000 characters per month, which most organizations will exceed. But the paid plans start as low as $7.50 a month.

Implement your AI email management tools and Twilio SendGrid

With new email tools regularly on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Refine your search by listing your top three email-related priorities for the upcoming year. Then, identify two or three of the highest-reviewed tools that could support those goals. Thanks to free trials, you can usually test the services without entering credit card information.

Once you’ve identified your best matches, don’t delay. Create permanent accounts and start benefiting from email management software AI.

Be sure to also leverage the powerful tools within your Twilio SendGrid account. From email automation to templates to pinpoint testing, we can help you work smarter and get better results.

Don’t have a SendGrid account yet? Sign up for free.

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