Ahoy, Twilio SendGrid

February 01, 2019
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Sameer Dholakia
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Ahoy, Twilio SendGrid

Since Twilio announced its definitive agreement to acquire SendGrid on October 15, 2018, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this day. I’m absolutely elated to share that we’re finally here. As of today, Twilio has officially completed its acquisition of SendGrid.

What does this mean from an operational standpoint? SendGrid now becomes Twilio SendGrid operating within Twilio, and we can now formally forge ahead as one company to create the unquestioned and most trusted customer engagement platform for developers and companies.

But more importantly, what does it mean for our developers and customers around the world? We think it means bigger and better things for what you build, and how fast you build it. We believe this will transform the way you engage with your customers.

With any acquisition comes changes behind the scenes, but I’m proud to say that the most critical factor is not changing: Twilio and SendGrid’s shared and unrelenting commitment to our customers and the value we strive to provide you every day and with each decision we make.

Why SendGrid and Twilio

If you’ve been at a hackathon, conference, or meetup in the past 10 years you may have seen someone in a red Twilio track jacket and someone in a blue SendGrid hoodie serving developers side-by-side. We’re excited about the opportunity to continue that journey of serving the developers in our community, as one unified platform.

As we talked with customers after the acquisition announcement, they told us they dreamt about an integrated communications platform that would provide a seamless way to create, execute, and analyze multi-channel communication strategies for every customer they serve. Given the combined technical assets and teams of the two companies, we are excited for the opportunity to creatively solve for those customer needs.

Developers and businesses using Twilio and SendGrid together have an array of available channels to reach their customers. No matter the immediacy or context of the message (urgent, two-way, media-rich, etc.) our combined platform provides a centralized location to create and deliver the right communication, at the right time.

The time between deciding which channel to reach your audience with and then delivering that message with the appropriate API or app should be lightning fast and seamless.

Together, this acquisition will provide developers and companies:
  • Access to a single best-in-class platform to manage all important communication channels: Twilio for voice, messaging, video and now, Twilio SendGrid for email.
  • Unmatched scalability and reliability to ensure their businesses are supported as they grow.
  • The ability to deliver consistent and personalized messaging based on the customers’ preferred form of communication.
Our commitment to expanding the engagement cloud with application platforms targeting the various use cases within our communications platform remains. This includes continuing to enhance Twilio Flex (including adding email) for use by operations and support teams and continuing to evolve SendGrid Email Marketing and SendGrid Ads for use by marketing teams.

Beyond the organic product alignment (Twilio customers have been asking for an email solution for a while now and vice versa for SendGrid customers), SendGrid and Twilio also share strikingly similar cultural values that will be a key driver of success for this acquisition.

Stay tuned

Joining forces allows Twilio and SendGrid to provide more value for our customers at a much faster rate and allows us to achieve much more than we could have as two separate companies. And this translates into a more valuable company for our customers, employees, and investors.

With this acquisition, Twilio now powers more than 600 billion annual interactions every year for more than 140,000 customers, and we are just getting started. And, more importantly, so are you. We can’t wait to see what you build.

Excited to learn more? Listen in on a joint webinar or explore Twilio’s products.

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