Startups Are Everywhere

We hear a lot about startups in the news, blogs, movies, and even commercials. The notion of creating a product with nothing but sheer willpower, ramen, some college buddies, and an empty garage sounds romantic. Dreams of hockey stick growth, press in TechCrunch, and Mark Cuban becoming an investor feels inevitable. In my opinion those hopes and dreams are fuel in the nascent stages of your company, but not usually what happens.

It’s Hard

It’s hard work finding product-market fit. That process takes time, money, and resources (commodities most startups are lacking). However, many companies such as SendGrid provide those resources that startups have usually paid for. I’ve compiled a list below of a some of the programs early-stage companies should take advantage of.

Friend/Partner Companies Startup Programs:

  • PayPal’s Startup Blueprint: Mentorship and waived transaction fees up to a certain amount. At SendGrid, we work with a lot of PayPal employees and they are some of the best in the business. If you’re an early-stage startup, take advantage of the connections and mentorship they provide.
  • SoftLayer Catalyst: Looking for hosting? Check out the SoftLayer Catalyst program. They offer free hosting and mentorship. Don’t ignore the mentorship part of these programs. People are what drive businesses, and connections made through programs like SoftLayer can drastically help the trajectory of your company.
  • Microsoft BizSpark: Regardless of what you develop on or use for your personal or business computing/hosting, your customers will use a wide range of devices. With the BizSpark program, you get a range of benefits including free software/hosting, free access to their windows stores to publish your apps, and much more. I’ve taken advantage of their program in the past and it’s worth it.
  • SendGrid Accelerate: Just like the programs listed above, we provide FREE SendGrid services, perks, and mentorship to startups. We partner with Accelerators / Co-Working spaces and provide these perks to their startups.

Startups get access to the talent on our Dev Rel team for mentorship and advice. We have an awesome group of devs throughout the world with awesome skill sets in varying technologies, and connections to people and businesses in numerous cities.

We get where you’re coming from, and understand where you’re going. SendGrid itself started with 3 founders and a dream. We went through TechStars and a couple of years later have grown to 200+ employees and sending 2% of the world’s non-spam email.

If you would like to get more details on getting access to our Perks and mentorship, send an email to

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