Last year I got to ride on the StartupBus from New York to Austin, Texas. My team and I created a StartUp in 3 days, got the ability to demo in front of some amazing judges and got great feedback/friends along the way.

When Prateek from AirPair mentioned the opportunity to help bring that amazing experience to aspiring entrepreneurs and developers in India, I jumped at the chance. As of now, I’m working with Prateek Gupta from AirPair, Taylor Wallace from WeVue, and the past conductor of the Florida bus, to help bring the India trip to fruition.

Below is what Taylor had to say about the concept:

StartupBus is proud to announce that we will be taking StartupBus to India in February 2015!

If you haven’t heard of StartupBus yet, the concept is simple – 25 developers, designers, and biz dev/marketing people (what we call hackers, hipsters, and hustlers) get on a bus as strangers – you have 3 days to break into teams and design, build, and launch a product – on a bus – at 110 km/h – to be pitched and judged on stage at the Goa Project. The road will be tough, the internet spotty, but the relationships you make and the experience you gain will change how you build companies and products for years to come.

Like most of our great ideas, the plan to take the most insane entrepreneurial adventure on the planet to the most diverse subcontinent in the world was born on a bus, pitched over a few beers, and is being devised and planned by individuals who live worlds apart. Prateek Gupta from AirPair, Kunal Batra from SendGrid, and Taylor Wallace from WeVue will be leading the charge. They literally live in three separate corners of the US, and they’re ecstatic about planning a trip across the globe.

The plan of attack is still tentative, as we’re working towards navigating the roads in India, but we’re hoping to take the bus from New Delhi to Goa, where we’ll be pitching as part of the Goa Project – an unconference that brings dreamers from all walks of life together in a forum for brainstorming and sharing ideas. There, our newly minted “Indian Busrepreneurs” will present the ideas they hatched and created on our long ride across the country.

If you, or anyone you know, works with established companies or Startups in India, we are looking for both sponsors and locals interested in riding the bus. We can promise that after a few days with us, you will build like you never have before, tackle problems in an entirely new light, and learn the true definition of what it means to hack, hustle, and be hip.

Please email if you are in India and interested in helping out StartUp Bus India.

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