Here at SendGrid we are huge advocates of community. Therefore, when John Britton reached out regarding joining their new student initiative, Student Development Pack, we all got suuuuper excited!



SendGrid’s Accelerate.EDU Package

Today’s students are building the next generation of innovative apps and we want to help provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Offering our services, mentorship, or just a friendly high five (we have an unlimited amount of these!) are just a few examples. So joining GitHub’s new student initiative was a no brainer.

We want to help the next generation of students build something awesome. Whether it’s at a hackathon or in a dorm room, we want to help. We will be offering our Accelerate.EDU package to all students participating in GitHub’s program. The student plan contains 15K email credits per month as well as unlimited access to all of our webhooks. Plus a high five whenever you see us!



Paul Ford, SendGrid’s VP of Product and Marketing explains:

“Until now, the SendGrid community development team’s world-renowned ‘Accelerate Startup Program’ has been focused on global accelerators and incubators and now we’re extending the program support to educational institutions. This effort with GitHub launches ‘Accelerate.EDU,’ a new SendGrid program to engage and offer our support to students in code schools around the world. So if you’re a student in a program or run a code school, get in touch with SendGrid to learn more how we can help.”

We’re excited to launch this new initiative and to help students as much as we can. So, if you need help running your hackathon, want speakers for your class, or need absolutely anything, just reach out to us at 🙂 Meanwhile, make sure you get your pack!

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