SendGrid started as a company built for and by developers. We’re committed to continually learning what our customers will love and value. In recent years, we’ve additionally been building products for marketers. To drive this learning process, we’ve built an entire team, SendGrid Labs, focused on researching and innovating new product concepts for SendGrid customers.

The goal of the Labs team is to help SendGrid users become smarter communicators by identifying product opportunities that extend across multiple communication channels beyond email. With that, we are excited to invite you to participate in our Grow My Business experiment—an entirely new advertising concept from SendGrid.

Bridging martech and adtech

Our initial research taught us that there’s a need to bridge the gap between marketing and advertising technology. As it turns out, combining email and Facebook ads reach customers who are 22% more likely to purchase.

Over the past few months, we’ve interviewed hundreds of marketers and learned just how hard it is to manage marketing programs to drive business goals. Not only does a marketer have to find a large audience, she has to coordinate messages across multiple channels and manage the effectiveness of the performance across the duration of the campaigns.

Our hypothesis is that creating ad campaigns is time intensive and often does not result in measurable return on ad spend–particularly when used to generate awareness for a business.

People-based marketing is an increasingly hot topic, as it allows marketers to bridge the gap between advertising and marketing campaigns. To address these marketing challenges, we are developing a solution that allows marketers to efficiently create ads across multiple channels via guided marketing best practices that deliver more predictable results.

Introducing the Grow My Business Experiment

Built on SendGrid’s email service expertise and vast customer network, Grow My Business is your playbook for more affordable and effective customer acquisition. Built from the ground up for growth marketers, Grow My Business will help you effortlessly acquire new leads, craft your next product launch, and tightly coordinate your advertising and email marketing campaigns.

As you participate in our experiment, you will be able to:

  • Seamlessly connect your Facebook account to your SendGrid Advertising account (coming soon: Instagram, Google, and AdRoll)
  • Instantly create campaigns to grow your email list and website traffic via a streamlined interface that eliminates repetitive workflows
  • Identify new prospects who have similar qualities to people on your existing email list
  • Advertise to your competitors’ fans
  • Analyze the effectiveness of an ad campaign and automatically send newly acquired email leads into SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

Check out the Grow My Business page to learn more about the benefits of joining this experiment

How to get involved

SendGrid Labs is onboarding experiment participants now. If you’ve already opted into the Grow My Business experiment, we will reach out to you.

If you have not yet opted in, please do so in The Lab, and you’ll hear from us soon. You can also reach us at with questions.

SendGrid Labs is your partner in automating the right combination of ad and email campaigns to create scalable growth. We are thrilled to begin working with you on our first experiment!

Liz Yee
As an Associate Product Manager at SendGrid, Liz works on the Labs (R&D) team to transform how marketers communicate with their customers. She focuses on building new product concepts that drive SendGrid's long term product strategy.