Did you know the next 31 days at SendGrid DX are dedicated to Open Source? Well, today marks the beginning of Hacktoberfest–the 5th annual virtual hackathon oriented towards Open Source software. SendGrid is happy to participate in this event, and we love to both give back and get help with our OSS projects.


  • Contribute code or documentation to our managed SendGrid repositories to participate in SendGrid’s Hacktoberfest
  • Look for issues in our repos with the tag “Hacktoberfest” and assess the difficulty level that you’re keen to undertake
  • Five accepted pull results from SendGrid will qualify you for a special edition SendGrid Hacktoberfest T-shirt
  • We will email qualified participants a link to a swag redemption form around the mid-point and end of Hacktoberfest – be sure to fill out the form from your PR.
  • See the official DigitalOcean Hacktoberfest page for details on how to be included in their leaderboard and qualify for swag
  • Shout out to DigitalOcean, GitHub, and Twilio for sponsoring!

I encourage you to read the first in our Hacktoberfest blog series if you’d like an expanded commentary on the above.

SendGrid Repos

You will need to have a GitHub account if you want to contribute back and participate. Once you’ve created an account, our main library repos:

Our documentation repo all have issues labeled with “hacktoberfest” and a size. Contribute 5 “difficulty: easy” or 2 “difficulty: medium” or 1 “difficulty: hard” or greater to receive swag kit.

We’re also trying something new this year. We’ve created a repo with more speculative “epic” sized ideas that are good opportunities for someone to start from scratch on an idea related to SendGrid’s APIs.


We’ve reset the leaderboard from last year. This is where you can find out who is hacktoberfest-ing the most in our repos. Here’s a screenshot from last year’s leaderboard:

Did you say t-shirts? (a.k.a. The T-Shirt Reveal)

Our crafty designers have been busy coming up with spiffy t-shirt design for this year. We hope you like it!

We aim to make Hacktoberfest a great Open Source event each year, and we hope that our participation will inspire you to get involved in any project that you choose throughout the year.

Happy Hacking!

Ashley Roach is a Principal Product Manager for Developer Experience at SendGrid. Previously, he was a Principal Engineer Evangelist for Cisco's developer relations team, DevNet. He has spoken and led workshops at many Cisco and 3rd-Party conferences. Prior to DevNet, he was a Product Manager in Cloud Collaboration working on APIs and XMPP technologies. Before Cisco, he was Product Manager at NewsGator Technologies, where he initiated the Social Sites product, the leading social software integration with SharePoint at the time. Before NewsGator, he joined Jabber, Inc. in 2003 where he was the Product Manager for the Jabber XCP server and launched the JabberNow appliance. Ashley holds an MBA from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and Undergraduate degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania. When not hacking on APIs, he enjoys playing guitar at blues jams around Denver, snowboarding, and camping.