We recently announced our integration with WordPress to create a SendGrid plugin that uses SMTP or API integration to send outgoing emails from your WordPress installation. This integration replaces the wp_mail function included with WordPress. The SendGrid plugin is free and routes all of your WordPress emails through SendGrid, providing greater email deliverability.

Now we’ve enhanced our plugin on WordPress to include real-time statistics on important transactional email performance factors including deliverability, compliance, and engagement. With access to SendGrid statistics, you’ll now have powerful insight into the performance of your transactional email to track requests, drops, deliveries, spam reports, bounces, blocks, clicks, unique clicks and opens.

To start accessing SendGrid statistics on WordPress, simply go to the “SendGrid – WordPress Dashboard” select a date range for the statistics you would like to see and click “Apply.” For advanced statistics, select “SendGrid Statistics” from the menu and drill down to access metrics in chart format.

SendGrid Statistics:

If you haven’t set up your WordPress installation using the SendGrid plugin yet, reference our tutorial by scrolling down to the “Getting Started” section. You’ll start increasing your WordPress email deliverability rates and gaining powerful insights into your transactional email performance!

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