The relationship between a business and its customer is like any other in life.  Its success relies on effective and clear communication. In today’s online and mobile environments what does effective communication look like? A series of connected interactions between you and your customer that delivers critical information for continued engagement. And what’s the most trusted means of making those connections? Email.

When your customer clicks “reset password” they are connecting to you for critical information to continue engaging with your application. That email matters. When you promote a new product or feature to re-engage or grow that customer, that email matters. Whatever the use case, email interactions between a business and its customer drive engagement.  Engagement drives success.

“Customers who are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth compared with the average customer.”  – Gallup State of the American Consumer 2014

Application and online engagement are more important than ever before and most successful engagement models leverage multiple channels, with email as the primary. With that in mind, we’re gathering some of the best in the business to host an event focused on application and user engagement via email.

Join us on December 2nd in San Francisco for the inaugural Email Matters event. SendGrid’s email experts will be joined by Forrester analyst, John Rhymer, who will host a panel discussion with SendGrid customers Pinterest, Pandora, Github, and Glassdoor. Learn valuable insights about how they’ve scaled their email programs and their businesses.

Email Matters is a free event that will offer opportunities for networking and consultation during the closing cocktail hour. Please join us to help start your 2015 planning off right. Access more information on the event location and agenda details here.

As the Sr. Director of Marketing at SendGrid, Dan's passion is to drive thoughtful and engaging customer experiences via email. Every interaction between a business and its customer is an opportunity for positive engagement. Let's make them count.