In 2013 SendGrid launched its Keen IO partnership with a unique and powerful integration allowing developers to funnel all of their SendGrid webhook data into Keen IO. This initial integration provided more robust email analytics and the ability to store data as long as needed.

Over the years, we’ve seen many of our highest volume senders leverage this joint integration to better understand which customers are engaging, what’s being read vs. not read, and doing so across timeframes.

Today, we’re excited to announce v2.0 of the SendGrid and Keen IO partnership, with the launch of the SendGrid Email Analytics Application. The new integration makes it easier than ever for both developers and marketers to understand email engagement metrics in a ready-to-use application.


We know that one of the primary objectives for both developers and marketers is to better understand an individual’s email engagement. A stronger grasp allows senders to more effectively create content and better target and engage prospects and customers.

In order to effectively measure engagement and performance, there are a few things you need to be able to focus on and analyze including:

  • Custom definitions of campaigns
  • Custom definitions of performance
  • Custom arguments

Based on these metrics, we need to take action by carefully refining our contact database and email lists to more effectively target and engage consumers.

“To better target and engage their customers, and drive up KPIs, email marketers need real-time analytics that can also be used to measure performance over time,” said Kyle Wild, CEO of Keen IO. “Our partnership with SendGrid gives customers seamless access to intelligence that enables them to quickly identify and invest in campaigns that work, and kill those that don’t.”

How it works

The new Keen Add-on operates right out-of-the-box to provide the essential dashboards and metrics needed to compare and analyze email campaign and marketing performance. Keen analytics includes detailed drill-down capabilities to understand users and their behavior. If you’re a SaaS platform, use Keen and SendGrid to build analytics and dashboards for your customers directly into your platform.


Keen IO’s analytics with SendGrid enables you to:

  • See who is receiving, opening, and clicking emails
  • Build targeted campaigns based on user behavior and campaign performance
  • Find your most or least engaged users
  • Keep ALL of your raw email event data (No forced archiving)
  • Drill in with a point-and-click data explorer to reveal exactly what’s happening with your emails
  • Build analytics for your customers directly into your SaaS platform

“Pairing SendGrid with Keen’s expertise in analytics is a big win for our customers,” said Steve Sloan, Chief Product Officer at SendGrid. “Now our most data-savvy and creative accounts can create sophisticated campaigns without the need for a data engineering team. The ability to target an email based on who has or has not opened a particular email is something we’ve been wanting for a long time.”

Getting started

The new Keen add-on is incredibly easy to take advantage of. Four steps and you’re ready to go:

  1. Send your webhook data to custom Keen endpoint
  2. The Keen Add-on processes, indexes, and enriches that data
  3. Dive into the Keen UI
  4. Unlock crystal clear understanding of your email metrics!


What else is there? The add-on includes campaign reports, as well as an exploratory query interface, segmentation capabilities, and the ability to drill down into raw email data.

You can read more about the partnership here or get started here, and read the documentation for any outstanding questions!

Elliot Goldwater
Elliot has been working in the digital marketing space for the past eight years and now leads SendGrid’s Business Development and Partner Ecosystem efforts. He and his team are focused on building relationships with best-of-breed technology partners and solution providers. Their goal is to grow a comprehensive ecosystem of partners and integrations that enable our customers to enhance and optimize their use of the SendGrid platform.