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Warren is the Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, targeted content generation, and editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

Improve Your Email Program Instead of Focusing on Social

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Here’s the deal: email continues to outperform social media when it comes to customer engagement, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop anytime soon. According to the Radicati Group, there are more than 100 billion wanted emails sent everyday… and that number is expected to rise: According to Forrester Research, user interactions with companies on social websites peaks with Instagram at 4.21%, followed by Facebook at .07%, and Twitter at .03%. Those numbers only represent interactions, and they don’t necessarily mean that viewers took the next step to visit their website. Email, on the other hand, gets much more interaction. According to Epsilon and the Email Institute’s report, for North America alone, triggered email is opened almost 30%Read More ›

The Top 7 Tech Posts of August and September


Our tech posts are written by our developer evangelists as a way to inform readers about some of the great things they are doing. Oftentimes, this means hacks they’re working on using SendGrid, events they’re attending, or how they’ve used SendGrid with another great piece of tech. Over the last couple months, we’ve tracked our most popular technical posts, and we’ve compiled them here. Check out what people have been reading and learning about: 1. The SendGrid Ruby Gem and My Mama! by Eddie Zaneski – This introduction to the new SendGrid Ruby library also features a hack that Eddie created to automatically text his mom any time he checks into a new city or state on Foursquare. 2. & 3. TrackingRead More ›

Spam as Overcommunication: Preventing Unsubscribes and False Spam Reports

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spam as overcommunication

As you continue to innovate your app, it’s easy to want to reach out and update your customers about your innovations as much as possible. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake. When you communicate too often with your recipient list, you can dilute the importance of your messages and annoy your recipients because you’re flooding their inboxes with information that may not be relevant to them. This frustration from over communication often leads to recipients re-thinking their subscription or even flagging you as a spammer. While you may only want to inform your list, recipients may not want all those emails. This can cause spikes in unsubscribes and spam reports. Questions to Ask Before Hitting “Send” Customer (or potential customer) communicationRead More ›

SendGrid TAMs Reach Out to Customers to Improve Their Email

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SendGrid is committed to customer success. One important element of that is our Technical Account Management team. So what are Technical Account Managers (or TAMs) doing for our customers? In addition to helping with the technical integration of the world’s largest cloud-based email platform, TAMs proactively monitor accounts for sending reputation and deliverability rates, they’re updated on all the latest ISP protocols, and they work directly with clients to make sure any issues are resolved as soon as possible. Reaching Out The SendGrid TAMs work with some of our highest-level clients to ensure their email programs are successful. One of the ways they do this is by visiting customers in person, learning more about their sending habits, providing suggestions to improve theirRead More ›

After 32 Years, Email Still Dominates


Over the 32 years since email was invented, it’s grown in a way that few other technologies have. From something that was only used internally at organizations, email is now a necessity for everyone. As the world’s leading email delivery service, SendGrid is in a unique position to see how email continues to grow, and where it’s headed in the future. During 2013 and 2014, we collected data over two separate 10-day time periods, creating a data set of over 8 billion emails sent by more than 125,000 companies. From that data and from speaking with our own email experts, we’ve been able to pull together some great findings. What We Know SendGrid has gained some amazing insight into howRead More ›

Baligam Uses SendGrid to Send Over 18 Million Messages Each Month


Founded in 2010, Baligam is Israel’s top daily deal site. Every day, they provide their subscribers with thousands of deals they can take advantage of. In order to do this, Baligam uses a few different SendGrid functions. Baligam’s primary emails consist of three different types of deal newsletters: daily, tourism, and flash sales. These newsletters are the source of Baligam’s customer communications and revenue. In addition to these marketing email communications, Baligam also uses SendGrid for their transactional email needs. User registration, subscription confirmation, password change notification, and shipping and order confirmation emails are all automatically sent through our SMTP service. The Choice Even though Baligam had worked with SendGrid since starting their company in 2010, in 2013 they wantedRead More › Raises Money for Teachers and Students in Need Through SendGrid Transactional Email


We’re happy to announce a brand new case study of a great SendGrid customer: pioneered crowd funding for charity in April 2000. Their online charity enables people to donate directly to teachers and students in need. Through, teachers can ask for funding for classroom projects, people can donate directly to those projects, and students in need can be better educated. Email is one of the key ways DonorsChoose,org communicates with citizen donors and donation recipients alike. Over the last year, SendGrid’s email program has helped the online charity raise more than $10 million for classrooms around the country. So far, has raised almost $250 million in donations for over 460,000 projects to help students and classrooms acrossRead More ›

Scaling With Partnerships

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One of the ways SendGrid has been able to scale and reach its current size is by partnering with other amazing companies and organizations. Partnerships help SendGrid reach new customers, show them how email can help their business, and add value to their email program. To understand how business partnerships are a key aspect in how SendGrid has scaled so far, we interviewed our own Laurence Trifon about the role partnerships have played in SendGrid’s scaling over the last 5 years. First, tell us about your role at SendGrid. My name is Laurence Trifon, I’m the Director of SendGrid’s Business Development (BD) group. SendGrid offers a variety of partnership types and solutions, but at their core, BD focuses primarily onRead More ›

What is an SMTP Server?

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Just like our SMTP Service Crash Course, we’re revisiting one of the basic elements of email deliverability: the SMTP Server. Again, we teamed up with our own Nigel Dunetts, a SendGrid Support expert, to answer a few of the most common SMTP server questions. What is an SMTP server? Simply put, an SMTP server is a machine, or collection of machines, whose primary purpose is to send, receive, and/or relay messages between email senders and receivers. An SMTP server will have an address, or addresses, that can be set by the mail client or application that you are using, generally formatted as Is an SMTP Server the same as a normal server? Technically speaking, yes. An SMTP server isRead More ›

Checking In With SendGrid Email Support

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SendGrid sends billions of email every month for thousands of customers, so it’s no surprise that our amazing support staff handles a ton of questions. Whether it’s helping new customers integrate or informing customers of changes to DMARC policies, they handle it all. We picked a few common questions SendGrid Support received over the last month to highlight here along with their answers: Technical Email Issues Why isn’t my email-to-sms working? If you’re considering sending large numbers of SMS messages to customers from your SendGrid account, you may run into some problems. The bandwidth for SMTP-to-SMS is very narrow because network providers need to be able to predict traffic and prevent spam messages. Our post Email to SMS goes intoRead More ›

Looking Back: The Top Email Posts From June

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We strive to provide helpful, interesting, and informative content about all things email on the SendGrid blog. In June, we touched on some great topics, including email security, email templates, and webhooks. In case you missed them, below is a wrap-up of the blog posts that we think you’ll find most helpful to your email campaign: SendGrid and the Future of Email Security Our Chief Security Officer, David Campbell, announced that SendGrid is now utilizing opportunistic TLS encryption to make sure that the mail customers send through SendGrid is secure. SendGrid’s Template Engine Tutorial We provided an online tutorial to guide customers through implementing and using our new email Template Engine. For customers that missed the live tutorial, this post providesRead More ›

My Email is Sending Spam! Now what?

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my email is sending spam

From Inbox to the Spam Folder My email is sending spam! It’s the bane of any email campaign. Whether you’ve just started to send email, or you’re sending millions of emails each month, it’s never a good thing for messages to end up in the spam folder. If you’ve noticed more and more instances where your email is being considered spam, it’s time to make some changes. Fortunately, we have a 3-Step System to getting your email back on track and delivered correctly. Step 1 – Learn About Spam If your email is sending spam, get familiar with the top ways email is flagged as spam and how to avoid them. We cover all kinds of spam topics right hereRead More ›