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Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.

The Top 5 Code Challenge Posts from the 15 Day Code Challenge

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Toward the end of 2014, one of our great developer evangelists, Kunal Batra, took on the challenge of learning 15 new technologies and blogging about them in a Code Challenge series. The Code Challenge series was a great way for Kunal to experiment with new technologies and provide readers with some great new tools and […]

Leveraging Local Communication Channels with Balihoo, SendGrid, and Twilio


When it comes to helping national brands like Geico, New Balance, and Ace Hardware leverage the power of local marketing, Balihoo knows that local, targeted email and local phone numbers for people to call are the best tools to use. Balihoo is a local marketing automation company that helps national brands execute marketing campaigns. Their […]

The Top Tech Posts from October

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The SendGrid Blog is designed to be a resource for all the people out there sending email. Whether you’re the founder of a small business, a VP of Marketing at a large company, or a developer working on a project at a hackathon, we want to have content tailored to your needs. For the more […]

October Recap – The Top 5 Email Best Practice Posts

Best Practices

As an email sender, the best way to ensure your messages are delivered, opened, and engaged with, is to make sure you’re implementing the right email best practices. Below is a list of the top best practice posts from October. Whether it’s implementing great new calls to action (CTAs), tips on how to grow your […]

Improve Your Email Program Instead of Focusing on Social

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Here’s the deal: email continues to outperform social media when it comes to customer engagement, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop anytime soon. According to the Radicati Group, there are more than 100 billion wanted emails sent everyday… and that number is expected to rise: According to Forrester Research, user interactions with […]

The Top 7 Tech Posts of August and September


Our tech posts are written by our developer evangelists as a way to inform readers about some of the great things they are doing. Oftentimes, this means hacks they’re working on using SendGrid, events they’re attending, or how they’ve used SendGrid with another great piece of tech. Over the last couple months, we’ve tracked our […]

SendGrid TAMs Reach Out to Customers to Improve Their Email

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SendGrid is committed to customer success. One important element of that is our Technical Account Management team. So what are Technical Account Managers (or TAMs) doing for our customers? In addition to helping with the technical integration of the world’s largest cloud-based email platform, TAMs proactively monitor accounts for sending reputation and deliverability rates, they’re […]

After 32 Years, Email Still Dominates


Over the 32 years since email was invented, it’s grown in a way that few other technologies have. From something that was only used internally at organizations, email is now a necessity for everyone. As the world’s leading email delivery service, SendGrid is in a unique position to see how email continues to grow, and […]

Baligam Uses SendGrid to Send Over 18 Million Messages Each Month


Founded in 2010, Baligam is Israel’s top daily deal site. Every day, they provide their subscribers with thousands of deals they can take advantage of. In order to do this, Baligam uses a few different SendGrid functions. Baligam’s primary emails consist of three different types of deal newsletters: daily, tourism, and flash sales. These newsletters […] Raises Money for Teachers and Students in Need Through SendGrid Transactional Email


We’re happy to announce a brand new case study of a great SendGrid customer: pioneered crowd funding for charity in April 2000. Their online charity enables people to donate directly to teachers and students in need. Through, teachers can ask for funding for classroom projects, people can donate directly to those projects, […]