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Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.

Learning From Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Discounts in Your Subject Lines

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Chart of engagement with subject lines that have discounts.

According to The Washington Post, email marketing drove 25% of all online sales on Black Friday. Meanwhile, PracticalEcommerce is reporting that email advertisements accounted for 22% of Cyber Monday orders. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday happened a couple months ago, SendGrid’s Data Scientist, Victor Amin, has been looking at the marketing email SendGrid delivered during the largest shopping days of 2015. By analyzing the subject lines and delivery metrics of the marketing email we sent, we’ve come up with some great insights for email marketers, regardless of the time of year. In this post, we’re looking into discounts in subject lines. One of the tactics used to increase engagement is including the sale amount, or percentage discounted, in Read More ›

The Benefits of Email Marketing in 2016

Email Marketing
benefits of email marketing

At this point, email is a form of communication that’s largely taken for granted. With more communication channels and social media sites than ever before, it seems easy to discount email as an outdated method of reaching users and customers. The fact is, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite the popularity of other types of communication, email marketing is still a cornerstone of any successful business, whether the organization is a mom and pop shop or a multi-million dollar corporation. But why is email so important? Why is it a marketing strategy that you need to take advantage of? Below, I’ve compiled some of the biggest reasons email marketing is crucial to the success of your business Read More ›

Helping Crowdfund School Projects


With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to highlight one of the great non-profit organizations that chooses to send their email through SendGrid. is an online charity that helps people find and then help fund school projects they would like to support. pioneered the idea of crowdfunding for charity in April 2000. Today, nearly 66,000 schools participate in sharing classroom projects that need additional support from donors. How Works Teachers from all over the country can post projects on that need to be funded. Types of projects can include: Field trips Books Team sports Art supplies Math supplies In addition to choosing the project type, donors can choose the location of the project, allowing them Read More ›

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Email Subject Line Insights

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We provided some volume and engagement data and insights earlier in the week in our post, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Using Data to Gain Email Insights. Today, we’re expanding on that data with some email subject line analysis. SendGrid’s Victor Amin, Data Scientist, looked at data from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2014 to see if there are any takeaways for senders. Below, we’ve provided some of the plots we think are interesting about subject line wording. You can find some potential takeaways at the end. Subject Line Wording In addition to the volume, engagement, and usage data we gathered originally, we wanted to see if there were particular words that occurred more often around Black Friday and Read More ›

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Using Data to Gain Email Insights

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are terms nearly everyone is familiar with. The two shopping events kick off the holiday shopping season ahead of Christmas with thousands of stores and online retailers offering limited sales and deeply discounted items. Americans alone are expected to spend $5.7 billion on the two largest sales days of the year. This year, we worked with SendGrid’s Victor Amin, Data Scientist, to look at data from 2014 to see if there’s anything that may be helpful to senders this year. We’ve also provided some tips for senders that are planning on messaging their customers or users around that weekend. What We Looked At To focus this study on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we concentrated Read More ›

Nudgespot Case Study: Using SendGrid to Power Contextual Email

Nudgespot + SendGrid

Nudgespot is a communications app that is helping businesses send contextual communications to their customers. As a Marketing Solutions SendGrid partner, Nudgespot uses SendGrid to deliver the one-to-one emails their customers need to send. In addition to SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages, Nudgespot provides businesses a platform to send three different types of email: Transactional email – Messages that notify recipients of important account information, like receipts and privacy updates. Marketing email – Messages that are sent to many recipients to promote engagement or make announcements. Triggered email – Behavior-based messages sent to specific users in order to drive revenue. Nudgespot’s customers span a variety of business types—from ecommerce to SaaS, including: Decathlon – A global sports chain with Read More ›

The Strava Case Study: Consistent Changes Create Email Successes


Introduction to Strava Strava is the premier social fitness app that tracks running and cycling activities so that you can track runs and bike rides, compete with friends and other users, and see what your favorite athletes are doing. They began sending transactional email through SendGrid in 2011. Since then, they’ve scaled exponentially, and they continue to use SendGrid’s cloud platform to communicate with their users about different Strava features, including: Kudos and comments on activities within the Strava app Group conversations and updates Challenge completions, follow-ups, and exclusive offers Account sign ups, settings, and notifications Training plan updates and alterations Strava’s Email Marketing Manager, Justin Fritz, notes that email communications are critical to the success of the app and the Read More ›

Doubling Email Volume With 99% Delivery: How Nextdoor is Leveraging SendGrid


Nextdoor is using today’s social media and communications technology to revive local community connections and bring people together. On Nextdoor, neighbors create private websites for their neighborhoods where they can ask questions, get to know one another, and exchange local advice and recommendations. Since its inception a little more than three years ago, Nextdoor has seen incredible growth and adoption. Today, the company provides a communication platform to more than 69,000 communities in the US. “We’ve seen communities alert members of lost pets, dangerous animals, or witnessed crimes. With our partnerships with local public agencies, police forces have come to depend on Nextdoor to get the word out about urgent safety issues. As it has become a go-to communication platform Read More ›

Marketing Email Tips from an Email Insider

Email Marketing

As an email marketer and writer, I’m constantly looking around for good resources. Unfortunately, most of the email marketing tips, tricks, and guides I read are just rehashing the same old stuff: Know your audience Be informative Send at the right time Etc., etc., etc. Honestly, these are the things you should know by now. They should be ingrained in your day-to-day efforts. Where are the applicable, useful things that can be applied today to make an impact on email marketing? Below, I’ve compiled some of the things we take into consideration when creating and deploying successful email marketing campaigns: Read Time All too often, email marketers get absorbed in making a very informational, very attractive message. The problem with Read More ›

SendGrid’s Updated Email API Guide

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SendGrid API Guide

In order to help you take full advantage of all our email APIs, we continually strive to release new content and update older resources so that you’re better able to send email exactly the way you want. Over the last couple of months, I worked with members of the SendGrid Developer Evangelist and Support teams to update the SendGrid API Guide. With their help, the updated guide has new information and use cases to help you best take advantage of our webhooks and APIs. SendGrid’s APIs Our APIs have been created to help SendGrid users quickly integrate with our platform, measure various delivery metrics, and expand the capabilities of their account. The API Guide is best suited for newer SendGrid Read More ›

TheLadders Have Found that SendGrid “Just Works”

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If you’ve ever searched for a job, there’s a strong chance you’ve used TheLadders. Beginning more than 11 years ago, TheLadders ventured into the job site market by providing job seekers with a place they could go to view positions that earned $100,000/year or more. Today, TheLadders aims to help job seekers of all types find the best position possible for them. More than 7 million people are using their site to look for new positions from over 86,000 employers and recruiters. As a result, TheLadders send more than 170 million emails every month, informing people of new jobs. Sending this volume of email isn’t the easiest thing to do, which is where the need for SendGrid came in. When TheLadders started, Read More ›

The Top 5 Code Challenge Posts from the 15 Day Code Challenge

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Toward the end of 2014, one of our great developer evangelists, Kunal Batra, took on the challenge of learning 15 new technologies and blogging about them in a Code Challenge series. The Code Challenge series was a great way for Kunal to experiment with new technologies and provide readers with some great new tools and introductions to software they may have been unaware of. Now that some time has passed since his last post in January, we’re looking back on the most popular Code Challenge blogs. Below are the top five posts based on number of visits: 5 – Learning Swift – This post is an introduction to Apple’s new coding language. Kunal shows exactly what you need to get Read More ›