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Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.

SendGrid’s 2017 Email Deliverability Guide

Best Practices
We’re happy to announce that we’ve updated one of our most valuable and popular guides for 2017! SendGrid’s Email Deliverability Guide was originally created to help email senders learn more about email deliverability and what it takes to get messages delivered to the inbox instead of the spam or junk folder. Read More ›

A New Map of Industry Email Volume in Each State

Email Marketing
In order to create the Global Email Benchmark Report, we looked at billions of different pieces of data. While the report is a great resource to compare your email metrics to the rest of your industry, we had even more information we wanted to share on a more granular scale. In addition to the types of devices used, we also looked at where the email recipients of different industries are opening and engaging with email on a state level. Read More ›

SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: Data Talk

Best Practices, Technical

Earlier this year, we published SendGrid’s Global Email Benchmark Report. This report is the first of its kind for SendGrid because it dives into the email engagement data that we see from the senders utilizing our service. We looked at millions of data points and thousands of senders to provide takeaways for people sending email across more than 20 different industries. In order to accomplish this, I worked closely with two of our in-house data scientists: Aaron Beach and Victor Amin. To say the least, both of these guys can make me feel intimidated by their deep knowledge about data. This Data Talk: Putting SendGrid’s Global Email Benchmark Report to Use webcast is today’s sendGrid Stocking Stuffer because it taps into Read More ›

SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: Unread Mail Episodes 6 – 8

Email Marketing
Let's be honest, if there's something that is essential during these holiday weeks at work, it's more videos. Take advantage of this time by evaluating your email program and finding ways you can make improvements. The Unread Mail episodes below cover some really great topics, like preference centers, how to avoid appearing like spam, and some inspiration from a great emailer. Read More ›

SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: How to Re-invigorate Your Email Marketing Program

Email Marketing, Partnerships
stocking stuffer

The stocking stuffer I’d like to highlight today is a webcast that we released in the spring to help email marketers improve their campaigns. Spring Cleaning: How to Re-invigorate Your Email Marketing Program teams our in-house email experts, Erik Ault and Derek Baines, with our partner, BriteVerify’s Matt McFee, to help you make changes and improvements to your marketing emails. Throughout the helpful, 45-minute webcast, Erik, Derek, and Matt lean on their years of email experience to educate and inspire email marketers. Why this is a gift Even though this webcast was released in the spring, it’s important to re-examine your sending habits, strategies, and tools every few months to make sure your messages are engaging. This webcast is great Read More ›