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Tim is a co-founder at SendGrid.

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How to Convince Your Company to Go With Golang

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Recently, SendGrid decided to move to using Go as its primary development language. This has been a long-standing internal battle, which I hear has happened and is continuing to happen in a number of organizations. I figured it would be productive to share our experience here, not just in why we chose to move forward with Go, but how this process played out, so that others in a similar situation can make a compelling argument for Go. Why We Needed a Change For some background, the backend systems of SendGrid were primarily written in Perl/AnyEvent in the first years, moving


SendGrid’s Parse API: Parsing Incoming Email is Now Faster and Easier

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What is SendGrid’s Parse API? Email from friends is interactive. It’s a conversation and that’s not always the case for commercial emails. Our customers are adding more back-and-forth to their campaigns with our Parse API, whose growth in the last year has nearly tripled. The Parse API lets your app accept incoming email, including attachments, and perform some operation on the content. With more customers taking advantage of that power, we decided to polish it up to work better and share more about how it can be used.     Yesterday Swift (a SendGrid evangelist) and development shop thoughtbot held


Which protocol should I use to send email, SMTP or REST?

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We get asked quite often why we recommend customers use SMTP to send email to SendGrid, as opposed to using our REST API, and where one would be used over the other.  For options on how to integrate with SendGrid go here. To start, the absolute best method to send email through SendGrid is to set up a local mail server that queues all email from your application, and then relays the messages through SendGrid as a smart host.  This will have the least latency from your application’s perspective, and has the added benefit of handing your email off to