SendGrid CEO Responds to Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

Sameer Dholakia Community, Company
As you know, this past Friday, President Trump issued an executive order restricting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. Over the weekend, many of our government leaders, business leaders, our fellow citizens here in the U.S. and leaders from around the world have spoken out against this order, accurately stating that it directly conflicts with our country’s values and that it is fundamentally un-American. Read More ›

Hey Mandrill Customers—We’d Love the Opportunity to Serve You

Sameer Dholakia Company
Join us!

Yesterday, MailChimp announced that Mandrill is becoming a paid “add-on” to MailChimp, meaning they will be consolidating the Mandrill service into the MailChimp solution to focus on the marketer, starting April 27th. Mandrill customers who’ve spent countless hours integrating and fine-tuning their transactional email strategies are now suddenly faced with transitioning to a MailChimp account […]

Life on the Grid

Sameer Dholakia Company

The title of this blog post is not a confession of my dependence on being digitally connected at all times. No, this post is about my not-so-new role at SendGrid (affectionately known as the Grid by insiders). In October, I passed my 1-year anniversary of joining the SendGrid family as CEO, and the milestone provided […]