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As content marketing manager at SendGrid, Kelsey oversees all functions of the SendGrid Delivery blog including scheduling, writing, editing, and publishing.

Email Newsletter Measuring, Testing, and Reporting: Tips from The SendGrid Scoop

Best Practices, Email Marketing
Welcome back to the final installment of Behind the Scoop, a four-part series that was created to peel back the layers of email marketing by sharing the newsletter process and tips from SendGrid’s very own in-house email marketing team. Measuring your engagement statistics, reviewing results of any A/B testing and reporting/celebrating success will help you affirm strategies or direct you to areas where you can improve for future newsletters. Read More ›

SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: Stellar Email Marketing A/B Testing + CTAs

Email Marketing
stocking stuffer
Anxious about all that holiday weight you’re about to gain from now until the end of the year? Put down that candy cane. It’s time to go on a content binge–of the email marketing variety–instead. Brought to you by SendGrid’s content elves; Kate, Warren, Jillian and myself, the SendGrid Stocking Stuffer Series spoons out our top 2016 content assets throughout December so you and your email program don’t miss a beat come 2017. Read More ›

Content Strategy for Email Newsletters: Tips From the SendGrid Scoop

Email Marketing
newsletter content strategy
Welcome back to “Behind the Scoop,” a 4-part series that peeks behind the scenes of SendGrid’s customer-facing quarterly newsletter, The SendGrid Scoop. I’ve been sitting down with our in-house Engagement Marketing Manager, Jill Guest, to garner some her insight and expertise from managing and deploying The Scoop. Today, we turn to the team’s content strategy. Read More ›