Email Deliverability 101 Webcast – Q&A Part 1

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Getting Started

We had an amazing audience for our Email Deliverability 101: Best Practices to Master the Inbox this past Wednesday and had a ton of awesome questions that followed our presentation. So many in fact, that we not only couldn’t get to them all, but we have to split up the answers into two different posts. Below, you’ll find […]

Email Deliverability 101: Best Practices to Master the Inbox

Getting Started

Twenty-two percent of email never makes it to the inbox. That’s a pretty staggering statistic considering how often we use email everyday. Imagine a messaging conversation but one fourth of the words are removed or every fourth message isn’t delivered… It would make communicating beyond frustrating right? We feel your pain, but the good news is […]

Implement the Inbound Parse Webhook in Under 10 Minutes


We say it all the time. Remove the no-reply in your email from-address and give recipients the chance to communicate with you! But what happens when you remove that no-reply and you actually start getting just what your asked for– replies? It can be a little intimidating, but that’s where our Parse Webhook comes into […]

SendGrid’s Parse Webhook Q&A

Best Practices

This past Tuesday, our awesome Developer Communications Director, Adam DuVander, and Developer Evangelist, Kunal Batra, hosted our monthly webcast Be an Email Switch Hitter: Inside SendGrid’s Parse Webhook. We ran the bases starting with the basics on the differences between an API and a webhook, to actual use cases from customers and hackathon demos, to […]

The First Impression Email

Best Practices

So the term “first impression email” may not be official or accepted industry-wide, BUT it is exactly what it sounds like! The first impression email is your first point of contact with your customer and it matters a lot. Your subscriber took the time to engage with you and should be rewarded with a thoughtful […]

Everyone Needs a Superhero, Even Your Transactional Email Program

Best Practices

Sometimes heroes come in unexpected shapes and sizes. Take Clark Kent…or Peter Parker…or your transactional email! Even those closest to them didn’t know the secret power they possessed. That’s exactly how most senders of transactional email are: unaware of the extent they could use that seemingly simple message. And they are missing out. A wanted, […]

Answers to Your Burning IP Warm Up Questions

Best Practices

We had a great turnout for our webcast ISPs Like It Hot: How to Warm Up an IP this past Tuesday! Our Senior Technical Account Managers, Katie and Aku led us through the benefits of IP warm up and the ugly consequences of not taking the time to do it. To start things off, check […]

Customer Spotlight Series: CapLinked


Productivity can easily be the make or break factor in a startup’s success. We started off the the productivity portion of our Customer Spotlight series with a look at BinPress last week, and this week we are focusing on another standout: CapLinked. Making it big can be decided by the slight difference between having and almost having […]

Customer Spotlight Series: BinPress


Productivity The make or break moment for businesses comes when productivity is translated into financial success. It is, after all, THE moment of truth in knowing if your brilliant idea has the capability of becoming the next big thing. Our environment is ever-changing, competitive, and unchartered. Epic success is the goal, but will it become […]

Tutorial: Event Notification App (Event Webhook)


Our VidGrid Tutorial  for today is focused on one of our more popular webhooks – the Event Notification App. Our Event Webhook allows you to monitor all activity through your SendGrid account in real-time. Tom goes into detail on how to set this up using the app in your account and adding the necessary files […]