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When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Content Marketing Associate.

Catch Ya Later Movember


Alas, Movember is officially over. We certainly had a lot of fun with it this year in our office, and are sad to see it go. (Though some of us may be a little more thankful than sad that they can finally get that muskrat looking thing off of their face!) Regardless, we have quite the lineup of reveals for Movember: Final ‘stache pictures Winning office for Count My Reps Total donation to the Movember Foundation Final Week 3 & 4 Pics: Count My Reps SendGrid also grabbed the opportunity to use Movember as a motivational tool to get moving and healthy with our annual Count My Reps showdown between our offices. We are proud to report we had anRead More ›

Thanks to Our Guest Blog Contributors

Guest Post

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your fill of family, friends, and (of course) delicious food! In the spirit of the season, we wanted to give thanks for our amazing guest blog contributors. Whether it be to explain how SendGrid is best integrated with their product to make your life just a little easier, or to share their best practices for email, we truly appreciate their contribution. Check out a few of the highlights below and click on the links to read the full articles: “Embarke has automated the ability to perform some of SendGrid’s email delivery best practices. In this post I’ll break down what these best practices are and how Embarke can help you make the most ofRead More ›

Why “Thank You”—It Is Coming In Nicely: Movember Update


Things are getting pretty hairy around the SendGrid offices…literally (not in the chaotic use of the word, but in the moustache, soul patch, goatee, mountain man beard sense). We have an incredible 52 internal Movember participants this year and let me tell you, they are off to a great start! This year, we are embracing Movember in a three pronged approach—internal moustache/beard growing, an internal health challenge, and a Share the ‘Stache initiative for everyone to be involved with that ultimately results in a donation to the Movember Foundation! Internal Moustache Update A little preview of our fan-stache-tic progress below: Count My Reps If you’re familiar with SendGrid, then you are familiar with the 4Hs we eat, sleep, and breathe.Read More ›

The ISP Change Up: Why Can’t They Just Stick to One Thing?

Best Practices

We understand how you feel. Every time you think you have it all figured out, the ISPs go and change their process for evaluating email. It can be frustrating for a marketer, but it truly is something they have to do. You see, while you are busy trying to follow all the best practices to ensure email delivery, spammers are dreaming up new and devious ways to get malicious email past the ISPs. In fact, that’s their full time job and they can be pretty good at it! Of the 144 billion emails sent per day worldwide in 2012, 68.8%% of those emails were spam. Thwarting a Thief Think about it this way. If someone kept breaking into your house,Read More ›

Tutorial: How to Create a SendGrid Subuser

Best Practices, Product, Technical

Our VidGrid Tutorial we have for you today is all about creating subusers within your SendGrid account. Subusers are child accounts that share the same overall credit pool as the parent account, but have their own unique SMTP credentials, settings, statistics, and site login. The video below takes you through the process of creating subusers from start to finish. Video Transcription SendGrid support here, bringing you a video about subusers without whitelabel. Subusers are child accounts available for all silver level and higher customers. Subusers share the same overall credit pool but have their own unique SMTP credentials, settings, stats, and site login. Things to Remember When Creating a Subuser Here are some important notes before you move forward with theRead More ›

How to Communicate Your Code Infographic

Best Practices, Company

Last week one of our awesome Developer Evangelists Nick Quinlan took us through his top tips and tricks he uses when communicating code. The main takeaways included: Here’s a little context for each point: They’re Smarter Than You– If you assume whoever you are talking to is smarter than you, then you avoid making the mistake of talking down to them. Understand Your Audience– Ask who they are, what their background is, and then from there you can cater your conversation so it’s more valuable to them. Think Big Picture First– Always give the main idea first so people know where you are coming from, then backtrack into more information/details. Give them a place to start. Kill The Jargon– FirstRead More ›

Share the SendGrid ‘Stache


This year we are embracing Movember in our office and we wanted to extend the invite for you to participate with us! To show our support of Movember and the pursuit of an everlasting impact on men’s health, we are excited to show off the kickass SendGrid Moustache! What does the SendGrid Moustache (picture left) do? We’re glad you asked… The SendGrid Moustache is a quick and easy way for you to help raise money for the Movember Foundation. Every man likes to show off his mustache as a display of support for Movember, but here at SendGrid showing off our moustache can actually raise money. When you help us show off our wicked ‘stache, we will donate $1.00 per shareRead More ›

Developer Jackpot: Free APIs Webcast Recap

Product, Technical

Our recent webcast shared free API tips and tools from SendGrid’s Adam DuVander and’s Sean White. From photos to maps to music and, yes, a little email, there’s a lot out there for developers to use- all for the sweet price of free ninety nine! You can access the recording of the webcast below to see all the tips, as well as a demonstration of load testing your applications. Then read on for links to all the API mentions and answers to questions we received about using different APIs and– the latest product out of SendGrid Labs. To access the recording click here –> The Developer’s Toolbox: Free APIs Every Developer Needs to Know About  API Rundown Here’sRead More ›

Provisions by Food52 Does Marketing Email Right

Email Marketing

Here at SendGrid, we love food. And though we haven’t done any thorough empirical research on the matter, we are pretty confident in stating we are not in the minority on this one. So, what better way to share a little newsletter email inspiration than with an email from Provisions by Food52 that’s focused on food? Food52 is a company that has the simple and catchy manifesto (much like this email)  “How you eat is how you live.” From top to bottom this company guides the recipient through an experience that answers all their questions and concerns…and then gives a little more!   #1. What is this email about? The playful heading catches the recipient’s eye and also gives anRead More ›

SendGrid Spotlight: Intern Edition

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What It’s Like to Be a Summer Engineering Intern at SendGrid SendGrid’s Intern Program is relatively new… scratch that, very new. This summer was the inaugural season for the 16 interns we proudly introduced into our SendGrid ecosystem. An eclectic bunch (regarding experience) overall—some were just beginning college, while others were right in the middle or recent grads, and others were grad students—but each of them contributed their unique talents and skills towards making this program such a success. Today, we want to take the time to highlight one of our amazing engineering interns, Monica Mishra, on her time here at SendGrid. What attracted you to apply for an internship at SendGrid? Actually I found SendGrid through NCWIT—the National CenterRead More ›

From the Eyes of the Intern: Kate


As an intern you’re at the bottom of the totem pole. It just comes with the title. Most people probably don’t know who you are or care to get to know you. You have to run for coffee, pick up dry cleaning, take the boss’s dog for a walk, and fight to find valuable projects to observe, let alone contribute to. That’s how a typical internship program runs, right? Not here at SendGrid. I started as the Marketing intern at the beginning of March and all I can say about my experience here is one word: wow. I have felt valued since day one. Universal needs are to feel accepted and appreciated? SendGrid wastes no time in making you feelRead More ›

Transactional Email Inspiration: Birchbox Hits the Bullseye With Their Email Content

Best Practices

Intuitively, it makes sense that transactional email has the highest open rate across all forms of email. Seeing as a majority of transactional email is the result of consumer activity, its arrival is usually anticipated. Yet the question stands: why not grab that opportunity to include some content that would traditionally be perceived as marketing? Few companies make use of the fact that the CAN-SPAM Act allows transactional email to have up to 1/3 of its content dedicated to remarketing. Our featured email from Birchbox, a unique discovery commerce platform that features monthly subscriptions for product trials, delivers on not only the integration of marketing in their transactional email, but also includes many other great email practices that we applaud. TheseRead More ›