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When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Content Marketing Associate.

SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: Unread Mail Episodes 1-5

Email Marketing
Though the weather outside may be frightful, these first five Unread Mail episodes are completely delightful. These quick videos focused on a range of topics that all relate to email marketing. Before you cozy up and jump back into Stranger Things or Black Mirror on Netflix, why not binge watch a little email marketing content first? Your email program, and probably your subscribers, will thank you! Read More ›

Unread Mail – The Gift of the Email Preference Center

Email Marketing
email video blog
In today’s episode of Unread Mail, we’re talking about a tried and true email ally, the one we all know and love—the email preference center! Who doesn’t get a little bit tickled when they go to unsubscribe with a heavy heart (because you really did want their emails, they were just sending too much!), but light up to find that you can just choose to receive a weekly newsletter or only the sales announcement emails? Read More ›

The Scariest Email Costumes

Email Marketing
email video blog
Email generally isn’t a very scary topic, but dealing with a nasty spammer or having a close call with a malicious phisher can quickly make recipients feel differently. Occasionally people with bad intentions use email as their tool for deceit, which means it’s up to good senders to ensure their mail doesn’t give their recipients or inbox providers the wrong impression.Listen in to the video below as Warren and I discuss spam and phish–what they are, what they typically look like, and how to keep your mail from being mistaken as one of them. Read More ›

Gut Check: Who Are You Emailing?

Best Practices, Email Marketing
Today we released our latest SlideShare, Who are you emailing? It serves as a quick gut check for marketers to make sure they remember the people on the other end of the email addresses. We’ve all received unsolicited email, and whether the intention of the sender was to spam anyone or not, think of how it made you feel. It was likely off-putting and annoying. Is that the first impression you want your recipients to have with your brand? Read More ›