Considerations When Switching ESPs

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email delivery
Senders who make a choice to use any Email Service Provider (ESP), such as SendGrid, are always looking for good email delivery. They want the email sent out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to get out the door successfully and reach the intended recipients. This success largely involves making sure the sender is following email best practices. However, even if you already are following best practices, there are additional considerations when switching ESPs. Read More ›

The Email Ecosystem: From Start to Send

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how email works
As we’ve worked with marketers and developers, we’ve found that there is definitely different languages used by each group. But the end goal for both is the same – good delivery in a complicated email ecosystem. We created the following infographic to provide both developers and email marketers with valuable email delivery information and tips. Read More ›

A Look at the World of Sending Political Emails

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With the election season well under way, you may have noticed an influx of emails getting to your inbox from various political organizations. As one of the Delivery Consultants at SendGrid, I wanted to look into political sending, what’s unique about it, how it relates to other types of marketing email, and provide some tips on improving […]

Email’s a Stage: A Look Behind The Curtain of Your Email Program

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Email's a Stage
After a busy February that included a conference focused on reducing email abuse, teaching an “email delivery bootcamp” class at SendGrid, and delivering a few successful onsite delivery consulting sessions with clients, I was reminded that the terminology and overall larger ideas of email and delivery best practices aren’t so easily understood. What really seemed to stick throughout these different engagements was an analogy of how the world of email is closely related to that of a live theater setting. All pieces of an email program, similar to the pieces of a great show, must all be in proper working order to get the best desired result. Read More ›

Why Proper Vetting Matters: How To Prevent Email Delivery Issues

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email vetting

At the most recent M3AAWG conference, our delivery team attended a focus group on client vetting and how a proper plan can decrease the chance of delivery issues. James Koons of dotmailer reported that their users have a 92% less chance of having delivery issues if they’re properly vetted during the sales process. These “delivery […]

What Bounce Codes Are Telling You

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bounce code example

To be fair, I’m sure most people would argue that any article on bounce codes (aka SMTP response codes) should be titled “what bounce codes are NOT telling you.” We know that these can at best be cryptic or, most often, very misleading. Most commonly we see codes that say “mailbox unavailable” that should really […]