How We Use to Test 233 API Endpoints in Seconds

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SendGrid actively supports SDKs across 7 programming languages, with each of these SDKs supporting 233 API calls. We needed a way to test each endpoint, ensuring we don’t break basic usability while rapidly evolving our code base to support all of our new v3 APIs, without creating custom mocking code in each testing framework. made this extremely easy with its Prism mock server, giving us a Swagger/OAI-driven mocked version of the SendGrid API server. In this post, we will describe the specific workflows that allow us to test all of our endpoint interfaces in seconds rather than minutes. Read More ›

Using PHP to Implement a Fluent Interface to Any REST API

As we upgrade our open source SendGrid API libraries to support our v3 Web API, we've also been updating our API client libraries to contain as few dependencies as possible. Part of this effort entails creating brand new, lean HTTP clients to drive communication with our APIs. In this post, we'll explore our new PHP HTTP client that will drive our new v5 SendGrid PHP library, using a working prototype. Read More ›

Using Python to Implement a Fluent Interface to Any REST API


In this post, I will demonstrate the techniques used to create our newly open sourced Python HTTP Client, that drives our SendGrid Python library, using a working prototype. The remainder of this post will reference the following code: Fluent Interfaces A fluent interface allows us to create API calls dynamically, without pre-defining all the endpoints. […]

Open Source Library Data Collector

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If you are supporting and maintaining public facing code, gathering data regarding the usage of that code can help with planning future improvements by highlighting priorities, and reporting the return on investment (ROI) of your projects. You will find the software described in this post especially useful if your code is hosted on GitHub and […]

OneNote and SendGrid’s Event Webhook


SendGrid will let you know, in near real-time, when emails fail to reach your customers. But what do you do after you have that information? Do you have a plan? With this simple app, you can automatically create follow-up actions in Microsoft OneNote, right as email failures occur. In this blog post, I show you […]

Visit SendGrid at DataWeek + API World 2014 Conference & Expo

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Next week, on September 16th, 9am at DataWeek + API World 2014 in San Francisco, I’ll be presenting a talk, titled “Quantify Thyself, then Go Forth and Conquer with a Personal Life API.” A couple months ago, I wrote a blog about creating a personal API to analyze data from your personal life to make real-time […]