Email Engagement: How and When You Want it

Carly Brantz Best Practices

There’s nothing like those first 24 hours after an email deployment when you’re wondering, how did my email campaign do? Sometimes, despite your best efforts, campaigns that you thought were winners can fall short. So how do you get email engagement how and when you want it? Well, if we had the universal formula, we’d […]

Marketing Email Inspiration: How GearBuzz Woos You Back

Carly Brantz Email Marketing

Email list growth is the primary goal for most email marketing programs. Achieving it can be a task in and of itself, but inevitably some of the subscribers you worked so hard to acquire, go silent. For optimum email deliverability, we recommend that you automatically purge non-responders from your list every six months. However, before […]

SendGrid Spotlight: Tim Jenkins

Carly Brantz Company

As part of our SendGrid Spotlight Series, we’re happy to hear from SendGrid’s co-founder and CTO, Tim Jenkins. I like a challenge. Whether it was breaking the copy protection of Might and Magic as a kid, teaching myself C Programming in high school, elevating to black belt status in Jiu Jitsu, or making email safe […]

Email Segmentation: 5 Simple Ways to Increase Conversions

Carly Brantz Best Practices

With web-based communications infiltrating all segments of life, email has become a primary way that businesses communicate with their users. Knowing how to best communicate and market goods and services to customers via email is key to business success and expansion. Whether you send marketing email like newsletters, email promotions, coupons, and special offers, or […]

Where Transactional Email and Marketing Email Collide

Carly Brantz Best Practices

Today, there are two main types of email—transactional and marketing email (for definitions on both, check out our recent posts on a) transactional email b) marketing email). Each has their unique place in the email ecosphere that can meet key goals set by your organization. Marketing email is primarily focused on customer acquisition and retention, […]

Stop Notification Overload

Carly Brantz Best Practices

How many notification emails do you send on a daily basis? If you aren’t sure, take inventory. Many apps send notifications each time an action is taken. While this is the premise of transactional email, it does have its downside. The result is notification overload. Excessive notifications have started to bombard consumer inboxes and your […]