Celebrating Our Partnership With KKE in Japan

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KKE Launch 1

Last month, I had the unique opportunity to travel to Tokyo with a group from SendGrid to celebrate the launch of SendGrid in Japan by our partner KKE. Our CEO, Jim Franklin has had a long-standing relationship with Shota Hattori, the CEO at KKE, and has worked with him in various capacities over the last […]

SendGrid Customer Spotlight

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Web apps have moved light years beyond their humble beginnings. In the 1990s, business sites resembled little more than electronic bulletin boards and CGI was the standard delivery mechanism. As the early 2000s approached, the industry demanded flexibility in addition to functionality and web platforms came to the forefront relying on REST based systems to […]

4 Questions To Ask Your ESP When Warming Up Your IP

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Good deliverability experts will tell you that before deploying large amounts of email, you should warm up your new IP to allow the ISPs to get to know you as sender. However, getting started with a new IP address can be tricky business. That’s why we created a new guide, How To Warm Up An […]

50,000 Miles of Email Deliverability: SendGrid Delivered Retrospective 2013

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2013 was a pretty incredible year for us in the world of SendGrid Delivered. Fifteen domestic and international stops kept us busy while we spread the latest trends in email and deliverability and tips, and tricks to improve email testing and analysis. Whether you are a customer, interested party, friend, (or somewhere in between) we consider ourselves […]

How to Warm Up an IP Address: How Much and When?

Carly Brantz Best Practices

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of warming up an IP address. Now that you know that warming up an IP involves ramping up email volume over a specified period of time, how much should you be sending and when? Email Volume and Timeline For IP warm up, the volume of email […]

How Poor Email Deliverability Impacts Your Business

Carly Brantz Best Practices

Here at SendGrid we always talk about the importance of good email deliverability; that the more email that reaches the inbox, the better your engagement and conversion rates. We understand that every business is different and that some of your goals for your email program may not rely directly on revenue. However, we believe that […]

Marketing Email Inspiration: REI Asks For Your Preference

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Personalization is key to any email strategy. That’s why you have to take every opportunity to get to know your customers beyond a simple click. Take a moment to profile your customers and collect relevant data points that will help you customize the user experience. To get started, create a preference center. A preference center […]

Email Segmentation: Don’t Mix Your Mail Streams

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Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about several ways that you can segment your emails to maximize your ROI. In addition to segmenting by activity and by demographics and purchase behavior, you should also organize your sends by email stream or type. Again, start with something simple and then work your way up. Here […]