2017: The Next BIG Thing is Email

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Email will continue to be the next “big thing” in 2017 because it is at the center of all successful marketing programs. Email continues to evolve and change, but as users learn to evolve with it and use it more effectively, it will continue to be the most powerful digital marketing channel available. Read More ›

Planning Ahead For Your Holiday Email Sending

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holiday email sending

As a kid, I always got sick during the weeks leading to Christmas. I don’t like surprises, and the uncertainty of the holidays, which is fun for most kids, stressed me out. As an adult, not a whole lot has changed. I am not stressed per se, but that is because I am in charge […]

Email Marketing with the Birthday Email

Carly Brantz Email Marketing
birthday cupcake

I love birthdays, even if it means growing older. I recently celebrated my birthday and because I am constantly encouraging segmentation based on subscriber information, I was looking forward to seeing which companies would use my demographic information to target me with a birthday email. Timing Matters Two weeks before my birthday, I received my […]

Make Your Marketing Meaningful in 2015

Carly Brantz Email Marketing

As Lao Tzu, a 6th Century Chinese poet said, “Those who have knowledge don’t predict. Those who predict don’t have knowledge.” As we head into 2015, rather than making outlandish predictions for marketers, I would rather make suggestions on three valuable things I have learned that can improve your marketing program in the new year. […]

Email Delivery Failure: What Causes It?

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email delivery failure
Email delivery can be a frustrating business. You work hard to create emails that will capture your customers’ attention, and sometimes all of that hard work goes to waste. And despite your customers having asked to receive these emails, Internet Service Providers (ISPs—like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL) and other filters can make can make 22% of them go undelivered. What’s a sender to do? Read More ›

4 Email Subject Lines To Learn From

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email subject lines

Subject lines can make or break the open rates for your email. Therefore, it’s imperative to continuously test the content, tone, and length of your subject lines to see which ones work better. Often the results of your tests will surprise you and your gut instincts will be proven wrong. It is important to having […]

Learning from a Couple Email Unsubscribe “No-Nos”

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Unsubscribing is the process by which recipients voluntarily remove themselves from your email list. When a person decides they no longer want to hear from you, it’s your job as a sender to make sure the removal process is swift and easy. The CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 specifically addresses the issue of unsubscribe. Because of […]

Send Me to Greece

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I often write about how important it is to segment your lists and the many ways you can do that whether it is by demographics and purchase behavior, or by email stream or type. Today, there is absolutely no reason why you should be sending one, generic message to your entire list.  If you want to […]