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Brad Culberson

Brad is a Principal Engineer II at SendGrid. He's expert in wrangling complicated distributed systems and massive datasets, but has the most fun designing and building simple solutions that are massively scalable. Follow my interests and opinions on twitter @bculberson and my code on github @bculberson.

How to Back Up Riak and Solr Data

Brad Culberson Technical
SendGrid is using Riak and Solr for the Marketing Campaigns contacts dataset. We built a disaster recovery plan that protects that dataset from corruption/unintentional deletion/data center loss. This is a challenging task due to the size and growth of that data. We’re currently storing approximately 2TB of key value data and 18TB of Solr index data. Read More ›

Caching Is Not Like Bacon: Control Yourself

Brad Culberson Technical
Most developers think caching is like bacon. You can add it to anything and it’s better. Brad Culberson, Principal Engineer II at SendGrid shares how he runs across code in production that is frequently overly complex and actually performing worse due to caching. This article will guide you on what to look for and how you should evaluate whether your cache is detrimental to your application. Read More ›