Email Marketing Can’t Be One Size Fits All

Email Marketing
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I was recently asked about what role data plays in email marketing. Here, I’ll share some insights about how marketing teams use data and analytics to design, manage, and review email marketing campaigns. Q: How much of the marketing effort now relies on data? A: Most of the marketing strategies we see today don’t rely […]

Re-thinking the Re-engagement Email

Best Practices
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My New Year’s resolution is to show the email world a better way to manage their recipient engagement. The main focus of my engagement argument is around re-engagement campaigns. These campaigns are traditionally sent to subscribers who do not engage with your email—those you want to “win-back” to being engaged with your product or service. Re-engagement […]

SendGrid Shares Data Around European Email Opens

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In August, we celebrated the 32nd anniversary of email by releasing some unique email statistics from our data set here at SendGrid. We shared email open rates by device and region and predictions on the future of app-generated email, spam filtering, and email quality. Now, we’d like to share some more specifics focused on email […]

Data Scientists, Think More Strategically


There’s a funny anecdote, repurposed throughout the years, originally about the difference between Soviet and American military design during The Cold War. The anecdote relates how the Americans and Soviets agreed to end The Cold War once and for all to avoid nuclear war. Each country would have 5 years to produce the ultimate fighting […]

Data Scientists, Beware Your Own Arrogance


Before joining SendGrid as the Senior Data Scientist, I had a chance to witness a lot of big data research, in both academia and industry. I have observed a number of pitfalls, which I hope to avoid myself, and would like to share them with you. This post is about arrogance, an easily-manifested trap for […]