Upon meeting with the founders of AirPair last week at the Pivotal SF offices, I was immediately excited to work with them. Today, we’re happy to announce our inclusion in the launch of their Trusted Partner Community.

What is AirPair?

AirPair is an online platform that delivers pay-as-you-go remote assistance from leading software engineers via video chat and screen sharing. AirPair gets requests for help ranging from technology startups needing instant programming expertise for building apps, to businesses who want to call on external insights for help with their own internal IT implementations. The leading experts in AirPair’s network can be located anywhere in the world and cover a wide range of software languages and tools. The company has over 1,000 experts, many of whom are book authors, core contributors for top frameworks, and PhDs. AirPair is a YC-funded company and has been growing 40% month-over-month for the last seven months.

In short, it’s a web-based tool that allows developers to easily connect and help each other with their code. Experts name their rate; their peers pay for the valuable assistance they receive.

Why the Partnership?

We’re committed to providing the most supportive environment we can to our community of developers. Our relationship with AirPair represents one more effort toward that commitment. We’ll vouch for the experts, so that when you need help with SendGrid or any other technical challenge you happen to be facing, you’ll have another reliable resource at your disposal. We encourage our community members to sign up as experts, if you feel that your experience would be helpful to your fellow developers. Of course, the Developer Relations team will always be available to help, as well as the trusty ol’ SendGrid Support team. You can always give us a holler, and we’ll fix what ails ya. 🙂

We’ve even started brainstorming some clever ways to leverage AirPair for our own productivity and effectiveness in providing mentorship at hackathons, etc. But, one step at a time 😉 Most importantly, we believe in the community approach that AirPair is taking. They’re simply providing an atmosphere in which people can share their knowledge through rich, mutually beneficial interactions. We know that people are willing to help others, and we believe that peer help is valued and appreciated when given and received. AirPair is facilitating community in a new way, and we look forward to seeing it work.

SendGrid Team
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