4 Ways Relevant Email Can Increase Site Traffic and Drive Engagement

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Everyone knows that email is fantastic for quickly pushing messages out to customers and members but it can also be a powerful way to increase website traffic.  This is especially true in the era of social networks when an email alert is often the trigger that drives a member to interact with the social site.  How can you use email to increase your site traffic and drive more engagement?  How can you leverage all your SEO efforts to enhance your email program and get these two efforts working in harmony?

Here are some ideas:

1)    Design your emails to encourage website interaction by making sure you have a clear call-to-action that directs to the website.  Consider adding a navigation bar with easy links to the most popular sections of your site.

2)     Upgrade your preference center to manage the options for your triggered emails.  Allow users to choose real-time, daily or weekly digest alerts.  This is a great way to increase frequency and drive traffic while keeping your messages highly relevant.

3)     Compliment your triggered, transactional messages with a weekly or monthly newsletter offering value-add content.  Use the design recommendation in #1 to encourage more clicks and interaction.

4)     Use the same research that drives your search strategy to identify interesting new topic ideas for your members, customers or subscribers.  You could use this same approach to build new segments based on content categories or to craft special features that will drive more traffic to your website.

The best thing about each of these recommendations is that they provide opportunities to send more relevant, targeted email.  This is the type of email your customers want and this type of good email won’t compromise your reputation and will be welcome in any inbox.


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