At SendGrid, we view developer relations in 3 C’s: Community, Code, and Content. Content, specifically, is one of the best ways we can scale what we do and the one “C” I would like to push myself further with.

So, I’ve decided to take on a challenge of learning 15 new technologies in 15 days and blogging about my experiences with each one. In the upcoming days look out for posts on Android, Google Inbox Markup, AWS Lambda, OpenCV, using Docker and more!

You can find the index of my upcoming posts below. As each post is published it will be added to the index. If you have questions or want more info on any of the articles, just email or tweet @kunal732.

The schedule for publishing these posts will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over the upcoming weeks.

Day 1: Learning Swift

In this post, I’ll walk through some of the basics of Xcode Swift and how to make your first Hello World Swift IOS App. Look for this post to go out later today.

Day 2: Creating a Black Friday Mashup with Kimono and SendGrid

I’m using the Kimono Labs API and the SendGrid Web API to make a Black-Friday-TV API that tracks the discounts for televisions at Best Buy!

Day 3: Get Sentiment Analysis of Incoming Emails with Parse Webhook and TextBlob

In this post we are going to create a bot that responds back to emails based on their sentiment. We will be using the Parse Webhook and the Python TextBlob lib.

Day 4: More Natural Language Processing with the Alchemy API

I dive further into Natural Language Processing of email by using the Alchemy API and SendGrid’s Parse Webhook.

Day 5: Intro to tmux

Rather than jumping around from tab to tab when coding, I’ve been using tmux to create panels and have everything open in front of me. Learn how to use it for yourself!

Day 6: Intro to Twitter’s

This post takes a look at Twitter’s new tools for Mobile Developers and sets-up their new Digits login functionality.

Day 7: Building a Hello World Apple iWatch App

I made a video to show you how to create an Apple iWatch app using their new programming language, Swift.

Day 8: Using Charles Proxy to Debug Mobile Apps

The Charles Proxy tool allows you to see all the network traffic occurring on your mobile app so you can spot various bugs.

Day 9: Store your incoming emails into

I take a look at the Database as a Service, Orchestrate and showcase how you can store incoming emails into their platform.

Day 10: Add Machine translation to SendGrid for communicating with your International friends

In this post I showcase how you can mashup a Machine Translation API with SendGrid to communicate with International friends.

Day 11: Adventures in VIM

I switched to VIM a few months ago, and I’m showing you how to start using it.

Day 12: Listen to Incoming Emails with Twilio

By implementing the Parse Webhook and Twilio, I can now listen to email contents through any bluetooth device.

Day 13: The SendGrid Event Webhook and Firebase

I’ve created a real-time email event feed by using SendGrid’s own Event Webhook, Firebase, and a couple other tools.

Day 14: Fun with Mashape and SendGrid

In my penultimate post for the Code Challenge series, I’m putting a spotlight on Mashape, an API hub.

Day 15: Incoming Email Analysis with CrunchBase and the Parse Webhook

I’m showcasing another way to classify and prioritize your incoming email with CrunchBase.

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