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SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: How to Re-invigorate Your Email Marketing Program

Email Marketing, Partnerships
stocking stuffer

The stocking stuffer I’d like to highlight today is a webcast that we released in the spring to help email marketers improve their campaigns. Spring Cleaning: How to Re-invigorate Your Email Marketing Program teams our in-house email experts, Erik Ault and Derek Baines, with our partner, BriteVerify’s Matt McFee, to help you make changes and improvements to your marketing emails. Throughout the helpful, 45-minute webcast, Erik, Derek, and Matt lean on their years of email experience to educate and inspire email marketers. Why this is a gift Even though this webcast was released in the spring, it’s important to re-examine your sending habits, strategies, and tools every few months to make sure your messages are engaging. This webcast is great

SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: Stellar Email Marketing A/B Testing + CTAs

Email Marketing
stocking stuffer
Anxious about all that holiday weight you’re about to gain from now until the end of the year? Put down that candy cane. It’s time to go on a content binge–of the email marketing variety–instead. Brought to you by SendGrid’s content elves; Kate, Warren, Jillian and myself, the SendGrid Stocking Stuffer Series spoons out our top 2016 content assets throughout December so you and your email program don’t miss a beat come 2017. Read More ›

APIs: Perfection Vs. Reality

Product, Technical
When releasing email API endpoints at SendGrid, we’ve learned that in our ideal world, where our customers greet us with open arms and warm hugs, isn’t always reality. This isn’t to say that customers don’t love what we’re doing, but we’ve learned valuable lessons about testing, validating, and communicating with customers before taking new endpoints live. Read More ›

I Never Planned on You Changing Your Mind: The Art of the Email Unsubscribe

Kelly Kenney Email Marketing
Maintaining a good reputation for your recipient list is key to ensuring your emails reach the elusive Inbox. Think of a good deliverability rating like your credit score--consistency is key. Just as missed payments can bring you down, through consistent experiences with your recipient list (similar to consistent, on-time payments), you can improve and get back to where you want to be. Read More ›