Join SendGrid Labs’ New Experiment And Grow Your Business With Email and Ads

Liz Yee Product
SendGrid Labs is excited to announce its latest experiment: Grow My Business. Built on SendGrid’s email service expertise and vast customer network, Grow My Business is your playbook for more affordable and effective customer acquisition. Built from the ground up for growth marketers, Grow My Business will help you effortlessly acquire new leads, craft your next product launch, and tightly coordinate your advertising and email marketing campaigns. Read More ›

Product Advice For Startups

Scott Williamson Community, Product
The following guidance is intended for time-starved startup founders or very early startup product people who may not have had formal product training, but recognize the huge importance of getting early stage product work done effectively and want to beef up their skills in the area. Read More ›

Security At The Grid: How We Do It And What It Means For Senders

Sue Pomeroy Company
Oftentimes, the topic of information security happens behind the scenes–it’s something that’s just expected, so the only time it’s talked about is when it isn’t present or doesn’t work. Although many of your questions about our various security features can be answered by our security page this post discusses SendGrid's recently obtained SOC2 certification, as well as more security updates. Read More ›