SendGrid Accelerate

SendGrid Accelerate is a global program for top tier startups, accelerators, incubators and VCs. We help the next generation of founders grow their business with reliable technology, mentorship and growth expertise.

What is SendGrid Accelerate?

SendGrid Accelerate is our new initiative designed to help startups succeed. We've been there ourselves and understand what it takes—the tools and resources startups need to really take off. We have a team dedicated to help your company succeed. Startups that are a part of our accelerate program get technical and business mentorship from our Developer Relations team, a healthy dose of SendGrid credits, top of the funnel marketing and anything else we can do to provide assistance.

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Accelerate Benefits for your Startup

Take advantage of all that SendGrid has to offer.
SendGrid Credits and Support
Plentiful amount of credits to access all things SendGrid. Accelerate members also get access to premium support and API integration help.
SendGrid Network
Probably the most powerful aspect of our program. People are what make startups succeed and the SendGrid community has one of the most roubust global network of people in tech. We can connect you with partners, customers, pontetial investors or future employees in a hearbeat.
Startup/Technical Mentorship
We understand the problems that startups have at multiple stages. Our mentors can help you with both technical and business related problems.

Checkout the team

They are dedicated to help your Startup succeed!
Tony Blank
Location: US West, Europe & Latin America
Robin Johnson
Location: Europe, the Middle East & Africa
Anna Bofill Bert
Location: Europe, the Middle East & Africa

Kunal Batra
Location: US East & Asia-Pacific
Tushar Bhushan
Location: US West & Asia-Pacific
Brandon West
Location: Global

Paul Ford
Location: Global

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SendGrid Accelerate?

It's a SendGrid program for top tier startups, accelerators, VCs and incubators. We have a dedicated team of business and technical experts that live and breathe startups and are here to help founders and their companies grow faster.

Why does SendGrid have a program like this?

We've been one of the most successful companies out of Techstars and truly believe that the mentorship-driven accelerator model works, because it took us to the next level. This is our way to give back to the global startup community by helping the next generation of founders.

How exactly do you do that?

We have partnerships with over 200 Accelerators and early stage VC funds in over 15 countries. The Accelerate team is globally distributed and works directly with founders, accelerators and VC funds by hosting dedicated office hours and private workshops for their companies.

What makes SendGrid different?

We believe that more than just providing free SendGrid, we can make a significant contribution to the growth of your startup. We can help with industry expertise, connections and top-tier email technology. Companies like Pinterest, Airbnb, Uber, Pardot (now Salesforce), Spotify and Tumblr use our technology on a daily basis to communicate with their users.

How am I eligible for the program?

If you are part of an accelerator or VC fund that has partnered with SendGrid or you get referred via a SendGrid employee.

How much free SendGrid will I get?

At least 100,000 emails a month for 6 months.

What is the duration of the program?

Between 6 to 12 months depending on the company.

Can I apply twice if I participate in 2 different accelerators that are partners?

No. Each company can only participate in Accelerate once.

What if I am an existing paid SendGrid customer?

No problem. We can apply the credits to your existing invoice if you are part of an Accelerator or raised money from one of our VC partners.

Are there SendGrid Accelerate batches or classes?


Does my location matter?

No. We are a globally distributed team.

Still have additional questions?

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