To add additional IPs to your Pro or Premier account, first log into your account, and then click “Add a Dedicated IP” on the Plan & Billing Details page.

New IP addresses can be entered into automated warmup as long as you have another IP address that has been active for more than 30 days, and has been whitelabeled. For best results, be sure to whitelabel newly added IP addresses as per the instructions provided in the workflow before you start sending with it.

We do not recommend adding a new IP to automated warmup if you have no other IP addresses that are either not warmed up, or are less than 30 days old. In these cases, we recommend that you warm up your new IP manually.

Purchasing and adding dedicated IPs can only be performed by the Parent account, or Teammates with either Billing or Admin permissions.

Additional IPs cost an extra $30 per additional IP per month. You may only add up to 3 new IP addresses to your account per month