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We love making our customers happy, because we genuinely appreciate every company and individual who trusts our service and supports our business by paying for the value we provide.

It’s not every day we get an opportunity to show our customers a tangible sign of that appreciation. Luckily, today is one of those days.

We’re happy to announce a totally new pricing schedule for all of the SendGrid loyal – and, of course, for those people who haven’t yet discovered or taken advantage of our solutions. Below is a summary of the changes, which you will also see reflected on our Pricing Page.


Nothing changes – continue to test out everything SendGrid has to offer, in terms of apps, APIs, analytics, etc. with 200 emails/day.


You asked for it, and we’re delivering it: a pay-as-you-go option to serve the folks who want to keep it simple and don’t need all the bells and whistles. Pay just $0.10 per one thousand email credits. Only pay for what you send and enjoy the benefits of our Basic Deliverability features; access to our SMTP API, Web API, and SMTP Relay; Basic Reporting and Analytics; and, as always, the best Customer Support team on the planet.


Wait, that’s a new metal alloy that we haven’t seen at before. Silver, Gold and Platinum were getting lonely, so we thought we’d add this guy in there to keep them company.

On this plan, you’ll get 40,000 email credits/month for $9.95/month, all of the features of Lite plus Advanced Reporting and Analytics.


Forget 50,000 email credits – we’re doubling down. Now, Silver users get 100,000 email credits/month and the whole kit and caboodle of features – everything under Bronze, plus: Advanced Deliverability features, more APIs (Parse, Event, OEM), Sub-User management capabilities, and our newly designed Newsletter application. And the icing on the cake: it’s still $79.95/month!


If you take our Silver plan and add on 200,000 email credits, for a total of 300,000 credits/month, you’d get our new Gold plan, and you’d pay a paltry $199.95/month.


$399.95/month will buy you a whopping 700,000 email credits/month, with the full feature set of Silver and Gold.


Hopefully you noticed a common theme: more options, more features, more email credits…and lower cost.

For all of our existing users, you should find an email in your inbox explaining how this all affects you specifically. And for Basic users in particular (notice your plan is no longer in the lineup), you can stay on the legacy Basic plan for as long as you want.

The main thing to keep in mind is that everyone can benefit from these changes.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support or sales teams.

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