of company revenue comes from email
increase in open rates with Expert Services

Founded in 2010, Vivino makes wine fun and accessible for wine drinkers of every level with a website and mobile app for wine discovery, purchase, reviews, and recommendations.

Email plays a central role in growing Vivino’s ecommerce business and drives a majority of the company’s revenue. As Vivino’s email program grew, the team started running into deliverability issues and switched to Twilio SendGrid for its reliable platform and email experts who would help them optimize their program.

As a startup it's impossible for us to have really drilled-down expertise in email. We needed a partner and consultant like the services offered by SendGrid to give us expertise in email deliverability… Twilio SendGrid allows us to focus on the important things, like sourcing wines and merchandising, rather than email.

Brant Cebulla Director of CRM


Vivino is the world's largest online wine marketplace, powered by a community of 30 million wine drinkers. www.vivino.com/


San Francisco, CA


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

SendGrid Expert Services

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