SendGrid’s transactional templates let you use SendGrid’s Email API for unmatched simplicity, flexibility, and control in the management of your email content and design. Get your templates out of your app and instead let your app leverage our transactional templates! Transactional templates enable seamless collaboration between marketers, developers, and designers, allowing each to work within SendGrid’s user interface to edit and create email templates for transactional emails.

There is currently a limit of 300 templates and 300 versions that may be created per account. For example, if you had 150 templates, each template could have 2 versions. This would give you a total of 300 versions and 150 templates.

Transactional templates are account and subuser specific. Templates created on a parent account will not be accessible from the subuser accounts.

Templates and versions work together to allow you to easily and quickly iterate. Each version can have its own unique name, content, and subject. You may insert and edit HTML and inline CSS in your transactional templates visually or with a code editor. Plain-text content is supported as well.

Manage Your Templates

Update, add versions, and manage your templates in an easy to use interface. Keep your most recent template versions active and work on your new versions until they’re ready.

Integrate With Your App

Talk to your development team about integrating your new template(s) with your application. They can read more about how to integrate templates by checking out our Transactional Templates Web API Reference docs and our SMTP API docs.

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