When you create or upgrade to a paid account, you will put a credit card in for automatic payments. This will allow SendGrid to make the recurring package charges for your account without having to notify you each month of the bill. SendGrid relies on a PCI-DSS compliant 3rd party billing provider to store, process, and manage payment card processing.

Billing Details

Your billing details show you what plan you have and how you will be billed by SendGrid.

Plan - The plan you are currently using with SendGrid.

Price - The price per month that you pay to use SendGrid.

Overage Price - The price you pay per email when you send more emails than are available on your package.

Marketing - The cost per marketing email when using Marketing Campaigns.


Your recent invoices are shown in this section in a list ordered by date. You are shown the date you were billed, how much you were billed, and the status of that invoice.

Changing Your Plan

To change your plan, click the “Change Plan” button next to your billing details. You will be shown the plan options that are available to you, whether you are upgrading or downgrading your SendGrid service. Simply click the plan you would like and follow the prompts.

Cancel Account

Canceled accounts are not deleted. Accounts are changed to our free plan.

We are truly sorry to see you go. Please don’t forget that we have 24/7 support and would love the opportunity to help and chat about why you’re leaving if we can.

To cancel, go the bottom of your billing details page, click Cancel, and follow the prompts. This process will close out your account.

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