Your profile provides SendGrid with the information we need to contact you with alerts and notifications as well as send and track your emails. Each section of your profile can be edited by clicking the “Edit” button to the right of each section. Once you have made your changes, click the “Save” button. This will only save the settings for that section. If you decide to abandon your changes, click “Cancel.”

To edit your name and email address, click the “Change Contact Info” button to the right. A form will appear which will allow you to change these details.

First Name - This is be the first name of the representative from your company who should receive contacts from SendGrid.

Last Name - This is be the last name of the representative from your company who should receive contacts from SendGrid.

Email address - This is the address where you will be contacted by SendGrid for any account-level alerts and notifications such as billing notifications. This must be a valid and active email address that you routinely check.

Username - Your SendGrid Username is used to access our API and our SMTP Relay. Changing this will immediately cause all of your calls to SendGrid to stop working.

Password - Please see our Password requirements page.

Company - The name of your company.

Address 1 - The first line of your address.

Address 2 - The second line of your address, if your business has one.

City - The city in which your company operates.

State - The state or province in which your company operates.

Country - The country in which your company operates.

Zip - The zip code in which your company operates.

If you find that your scheduled sends or stats seem like they are not quite correct, please double check your timezone.

Timezone - The timezone in which your company operates. This setting will be used by other SendGrid functionality such as Statistics and scheduling sends in Marketing Campaigns. Please make sure that your timezone is set to the same as your business.

Website - Your company’s website

Phone - Your company’s phone number, where SendGrid can reach the representative that should be contacted.

Changing Your Password

There are two ways to change your password. Through the SendGrid UI and through the Forgot Password page.

When you change your account password, your SMTP and API access will change as well. Make sure you update your account information on all systems and software!

Changing your Password through the SendGrid UI

Current Password - This is the current password on your account. Without this, you will not be able to change your password.

New Password - Enter a new password into this field. Passwords should be secure and not guessable so as to protect your account information from nefarious people and scripts..

Confirm New Password - Enter the same password that you put into “New Password.” If the password entered here is not the same as what you put into “New Password,” the form will not accept your new password.

Changing your Password via Forgot Password

If for some reason you cannot remember your password, go to the SendGrid login page and click ”Forgot Password.” From here, you will need to enter your SendGrid username. We will send you an email with account reactivation steps, please follow these steps to access your account again.