When you set up subusers, whether for segmentation of sending or for other functional reasons, it may be useful to see what the subuser’s settings are and to see what the subuser can see in the SendGrid UI.

To assist you, we’ve made it so you can impersonate a subuser from your parent account and then manage the subuser the same way as if you had logged in with that user’s credentials, without having to log out of your parent account.

How To Impersonate A Subuser

  1. Log into the SendGrid UI, if you aren’t already logged in.
  2. Go to the top left corner of the portal screen and click on your name just above the navigation menu.
  3. Click “Switch User”
  4. Choose the subuser you want to impersonate by clicking that subuser’s name

The page will refresh and you will notice a message at the top of the screen that says, “[your username], you are currently logged in as [subuser name]”

You can also switch to another subuser by clicking the “Switch Subuser” link at the top right corner once you are impersonating any subuser.

Getting Back To Your Parent Account

Click the link at the top left that says “<- Back to Parent Account”. This will log you out of the subuser account and take you back to your parent account portal.

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