These libraries allow quick integration between SendGrid and your project, and are available for a variety of languages and frameworks.

Official libraries

SendGrid maintains the following official libraries for mail sending.

The following official libraries are mantained by SendGrid to create SMTP API Headers, they are included in the above official libraries.

If you find a problem with any of the official libraries please submit issues on their respective GitHub projects and we’ll address them ASAP

Community libraries

Open source library contributions from the awesome SendGrid community.

If you create a library, please let us know, by editing this page in our github repo.

Web API Libraries



Command Line

  • cmdgrid by Martyn Davies - CLI for working with SendGrid’s Parse API


  • sendgrid-go - Official Go library to send emails
  • smtpapi-go by SendGrid- Official Go library to create SMTP API headers



  • sendgrid-java by SendGrid - Official Java library to send emails
  • smtpapi-java by SendGrid- Official Java library to create SMTP API headers
  • sendgrid-google-java by SendGrid - Java library for use with Google App Engine
  • sendgrid4j by Shunji Konishi - Simple SendGrid client for Java
  • sendgrid-asm-java by Kyle Renfro - Advanced Suppression Manager (ASM) Java Client


  • sendgrid-nodejs by SendGrid - node.js for quickly and easily sending emails through SendGrid.
  • smtpapi-nodejs by SendGrid- Official NodeJS library to create SMTP API headers
  • node-sendgrid-web by Joshua Holbrook - Send emails via SendGrid using the JSON web API and the request module.
  • node-sendgrid by Branko Vukelick - Generate X-SMTPAPI headers in node.js.




  • sendgrid-php by SendGrid - Official PHP wrapper to send emails through the SendGrid API
  • smtpapi-php by SendGrid- Official PHP library to create SMTP API headers
  • sendgrid-openshift-php by SendGrid - Official PHP wrapper for use with Red Hat OpenShift
  • sendgrid-report-php by Francisco Serrano - PHP wrapper to view and manage SendGrid reports through the SendGrid API
  • SendGrid-PHP-Library by Alon Ben David - PHP wrapper for the SendGrid API including Marketing Email API
  • messaging_sendgrid by Jose Reyero - Drupal 7 plugin that adds bulk messaging capabilities via SendGrid
  • codeigniter-sendgrid-newsletter by Garrett St John - CodeIgniter wrapper for the SendGrid Marketing Email API
  • codeigniter-sendgrid-mail by Garrett St John - CodeIgniter wrapper for the SendGrid Mail API
  • sendgrid-component by Damien Varron - CakePHP component that extends the base email component with SendGrid functionality
  • sendgrid-subuser-api by Eliksir - Library that makes it easy to work with the SendGrid Subuser API



  • sendgrid by Stephen Blankenship - SendGrid rubygem (ActionMailer)
  • heroku-sendgrid-stats by Terence Lee - Heroku CLI plugin to pull SendGrid stats
  • sendgrid_toolkit by Robby Grossman - Ruby wrapper for the SendGrid Web API
  • sendgrid-rails by Pavel Tsiukhtsiayeu - Extends ActionMailer with SendGrid methods
  • gatling_gun by James Edward Gray II - Simple wrapper over SendGrid’s Marketing Email API.
  • sendgrid_api by Mark Edmondson - Implements an ActionMailer that delivers through the SendGrid Web API.
  • sendgrid4r by Wataru Sato - Ruby wrapper for the SendGrid Web API v3.


  • ti.sendgrid by SendGrid - Official SendGrid Titanium wrapper

Webhook Libraries



  • Django eventhooks by agiliq - An app to consume and store SendGrid Events with Django


  • EventKit by SendGrid - An app to consume and store SendGrid Events.


  • gridhook by Lee Jarvis - Ruby Gem for handling inbound batches from our Event API
  • griddler by Thoughtbot - Rails engine that provides an endpoint for SendGrid’s Parse API
  • Pokey by Chuck Callebs - Ruby Gem for simulating events to your code for QA or development environments