SendGrid reviews accounts that appear to have abnormal activity in order to preserve your reputation as a sender, as well as to prevent potential bad actors on our system from influencing the rest of our sender population. The possible states of account review are explained below:

Received a suspension, warning, deactivation, or ban notice from SendGrid? We apologize for any interruption in your service. Please respond to any questions asked in the email notice. The fastest way to get your account reactivated is to respond directly to the ticket sent to your email address. In most cases, SendGrid Support cannot reactivate a suspended or banned account, so contacting them directly may delay reactivation.


SendGrid will accept and queue mail while the account is under review. Mail will be held until issues are resolved or up to 72 hours from the time of send. Any message queued for over 72 hours from send will expire and will not be delivered. Please be aware that an account in a suspended state will continue to incur auto-renewal billing for your monthly subscription and any Marketing Campaigns contact storage.


The account maintains full functionality during a warning period. However, if we do not receive a response your account may be suspended to prevent further risk to your sending reputation. Warned accounts will be unable to upgrade until the review has concluded to our satisfaction.


SendGrid will not accept mail while an account is deactivated. Upon deactivation, any undelivered mail that has been queued on SendGrid’s systems will be deleted. While the account is deactivated, click and open tracking links will be disabled. Please be aware that an account in a deactivated state will continue to incur auto-renewal billing for your monthly subscription and any contacts storage. Deactivated sub-users will not be accessible via the ‘log in as’ method available to parent accounts. However, deactivated sub-users will still be able to log in directly.


All access to the account is blocked, both through as well as the API. Email requests to our system will not be accepted. If an account has dedicated IP’s assigned to it, they will be removed. Related sub-users will also be banned and unable to send email or access their account. Please be aware that an account in a banned state will stop any auto-renewal billing, though you will still be charged for any overages or Marketing Campaigns contact storage during the current month.


When all potential issues are resolved to our satisfaction, SendGrid will reactivate your service. Once reactivated, your account will be restored and any queued messages will be delivered.