Below you will find an overview to our v3 Mail Send Classroom. If you are looking for a more general introduction to the v3 Mail Send endpoint, please visit our API Reference.

How to Migrate From v2 to v3 Mail Send

Discover some of the improvements and added features that SendGrid’s v3 Mail Send endpoint provides. Here we provide a thorough comparison between the v2 and v3 Mail Send endpoints, with detailed information covering what you’ll need to change in your integration to begin sending mail over the Web API v3.

cURL Examples for Common Use Cases

Sending email with the v3 Mail Send endpoint is easy! Here you will find a selection of quick-and-easy cURL examples to get you started right away.


Personalizations allow you to easily control who receives your emails, and how SendGrid processes your emails. Here you will learn how powerful and intuitive personalizations are.

Sandbox Mode

You can use Sandbox Mode to quickly test the format of your request to the v3 Mail Send endpoint without having to send any email. If something is wrong with the format or structure of your API request, we will let you know, along with providing some information and resources to help you debug your request.


Here you will find some answers to commonly asked questions with links to additional content.