Whitelabeling is the functionality that shows ISPs that SendGrid has your permission to send emails on your behalf. There are several different components that you can whitelabel: your sending domain, your dedicated IPs, and links to your websites and services. This page provides links to all of SendGrid’s whitelabeling related documentation. You will find everything from FAQs and video tutorials to discussions of DKIM security.

Table of Contents

Common Terms and Abbreviations

Before you dive into our whitelabeling documentation, here are definitions of some common terms and acronyms associated with the whitelabeling process.

Whitelabeling Introduction

Here you will find several articles and FAQ pages introducing the whitelabeling process.

Whitelabeling Tutorials

Below are several step-by-step tutorials explaining exactly how to setup, configure, and maintain your whitelabels.

Whitelabel User Guides

Here you will find several reference pages providing general information about whitelabeling, and explanations of the various whitelabel settings.


Here are several articles discussing topics related to DNS (Domain Name System).


Below are articles explaining DKIM, SPF, and DMARC.