SendGrid Now Available for HP Cloud Services

SendGrid Now Available for HP Cloud Services

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SendGrid, the leader in email deliverability, today announced that SendGrid’s industry-leading email infrastructure service will be made available to HP Cloud Services customers, giving them a trusted option for transactional email management and delivery.

SendGrid will also power transactional email for the HP Cloud Services platform itself, ensuring that critical app-generated email reaches HP Cloud Services customers.

Available today in public beta, HP Cloud Services delivers public cloud infrastructure, platforms services and cloud solutions, and is based on OpenStack™ technology. SendGrid relieves development teams testing, building and deploying in the HP Cloud Services ecosystem of the cost and complexity of managing their applications’ underlying transactional email management infrastructures. This frees developers to build great applications without worrying about email delivery rates, spam folders, ISP blacklists or scaling to meet high user volume.

SendGrid’s alliance with HP Cloud Services is the latest in a series of inroads SendGrid is making into the enterprise market. SendGrid is now available as a third-party service on several major cloud services platforms, including Rackspace, Softlayer and Microsoft Azure.

“Nearly all web applications today use transactional email to help users reset passwords, confirm purchases, validate friend requests or identify new followers,” said Jim Franklin, CEO, SendGrid. “Unfortunately, transactional email is difficult and time consuming to manage. The addition of SendGrid to the HP Cloud Services ecosystem eases this pain for HP Cloud Services customers and is directly in-line with our mission to make email easy for development teams.”

Additional detail on SendGrid’s packaging and pricing for HP Cloud Services customers can be found at

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