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Warren is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid, specializing in email and content best practices, he develops many of the new guides you see SendGrid release as well as other pieces of content, including blogs, videos, case studies, and emails.

The Best Marketing Email I’ve Received in 2016

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Spoiler alert: The best marketing email I’ve received in 2016 is not even a marketing email…and it went to my “Updates” tab in Gmail. So how does that happen? How does an email that’s technically a receipt, end up adding more value to me than a promotion or discount? How does a company drive more revenue simply by telling you about the money you just gave them? Jacob Hansen recently wrote What Makes an Email Transactional or Promotional. This post will explore the idea of adding value to your transactional messages. Some Background Last Sunday, it snowed here in Denver and I was left with the choice of going out for a cold bike ride or heading to a new spin Read More ›

SendGrid is Now Available in Google Cloud Launcher

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SendGrid is happy to announce its availability in Google Cloud Launcher, a marketplace that enables Google Cloud Platform users to explore, launch, and manage powerful solutions and services. Google Cloud Platform offers computing, storage, and application services for your web, mobile, and backend solutions. Google Cloud Platform and SendGrid have collaborated for a number of years, but this update provides customers with easier access to leverage SendGrid. Why Join Google Cloud Launcher Email continues to be one of the most effective ways for organizations to communicate with their users or customers. From an ROI perspective, each $1 invested in email returns an average of $38 in revenue. We’re happy to provide an easy email integration for Google Cloud Platform users. Read More ›

What Should Be Your #1 Focus To Achieve Great Email Deliverability? Our Experts Weigh In.

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email deliverability

Last week, we published our post 5 Deliverability Tips from SendGrid Experts. Today, we have a continuation of that post, and a few more takeaways from Luke Martinez, Deliverability Consultant, and Taylor Ferguson, Associate Delivery Consultant. Below, Luke and Taylor talk about what they think companies should focus on when it comes to email deliverability, and some of the changes coming to email in the future. SendGrid views great deliverability as a holistic thing that’s achieved by implementing a lot of different tactics. BUT, if a company had to choose, what should it focus on first and foremost? Luke Martinez – I’m going to cheat and give you two things: address collection and list management. Address collection When you add an address Read More ›

5 Email Deliverability Tips from SendGrid Experts

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email deliverability
We recently published SendGrid’s 2016 Email Deliverability Guide that was written by two of our in-house Delivery Consultants: Luke Martinez and Taylor Ferguson. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you check it out. In this post, they’ve answered a few questions about common email misconceptions and what they look at when evaluating customer email programs: Read More ›

SendGrid’s 2016 Email Deliverability Guide

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2016 Email Deliverability Guide

Whether it’s transactional or marketing email, or if you’re sending 100 or 100 million emails a month, making sure your messages are getting to your recipients is essential for any business. SendGrid’s Email Deliverability Guide has always been the best resource for improving deliverability, and we’ve improved it for 2016. ReturnPath’s 2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report recently stated that 21% of all legitimate, wanted emails go missing or end up in the spam folder. We want to make sure that isn’t happening to your messages. For SendGrid’s 2016 Email Deliverability Guide, we worked with our internal Delivery Consultants, Luke Martinez and Taylor Ferguson to refresh content, provide new insights, and provide you with key steps you can take to improve your Read More ›

Email Click Delays, Unsubscribes, and Engagement Rates: How Are They Affected By the Holidays?


One of our data scientists, Victor Amin, has been diving into the email data that we collected during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A couple weeks ago, we took a look at how email engagement was affected by including discount percentages in subject lines. Today, we’re looking at how long it takes for recipients to click on emails and how unsubscribes relate to engagement. While the following insights were developed by using really specific dates around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we were able to look at over 3 billion marketing emails to develop the insights below. Click Delays Click delay could also be referred to as “time-to-click,” and the concept refers to how long it takes for recipients to Read More ›

Customer Spotlight: Bandsintown


At its core, Bandsintown enriches lives by connecting fans with the artists they love. Through the Bandsintown Concerts app, users are able to track artists they love to listen to, and see when they’re coming to town and where they’re performing. Today, over 20 million music lovers have registered with Bandsintown to track their favorite artists and learn about upcoming live performances in their areas. Currently, Bandsintown sends almost 50 million emails each month to their various recipients. While Bandsintown communicates with customers via push, SMS, and email messages, they’ve embraced email as their core communication channel. Bandsintown uses SendGrid to send users transactional emails about their account settings, as well as marketing emails that inform fans about the artists Read More ›