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Tim Jenkins

Tim is a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at SendGrid.

Confirming Why SendGrid Built Its Own MTA

Tim Jenkins Company
server room

A number of people, both inside SendGrid and out, have asked me about our decision to build our own message transfer agent (MTA) versus using one of the commercial products that exist in the market. In light of recent market news concerning the merger of two commercial MTA vendors, I thought it would be a good time to share my … Read more ›

The Myth of Opportunistic TLS and Email Privacy

Tim Jenkins Product
email security

Back in June, SendGrid joined a large group of Internet companies in the effort to prevent dragnet surveillance of customer traffic. On our part this specifically involved adding opportunistic TLS—encrypting traffic to any mail server that supports it. While this does move us closer to the goal of complete customer privacy, there are some caveats that aren’t often talked about. … Read more ›

How to Convince Your Company to Go With Golang

Tim Jenkins Technical

Recently, SendGrid decided to move to using Go as its primary development language. This has been a long-standing internal battle, which I hear has happened and is continuing to happen in a number of organizations. I figured it would be productive to share our experience here, not just in why we chose to move forward with Go, but how this … Read more ›

SendGrid’s Parse API: Parsing Incoming Email is Now Faster and Easier

Tim Jenkins Product, Technical
Parse API diagram

What is SendGrid’s Parse API? Email from friends is interactive. It’s a conversation and that’s not always the case for commercial emails. Our customers are adding more back-and-forth to their campaigns with our Parse API, whose growth in the last year has nearly tripled. The Parse API lets your app accept incoming email, including attachments, and perform some operation on … Read more ›