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Luke is a software developer with a passion for solving tough problems. He's been tasked with building tools that automate and simplify the work of SendGrid's compliance and delivery teams. He loves that SendGrid encourages him to grow as a developer, and he hopes to pay it forward by doing everything he can to help SendGrid grow as a company.

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Why White Hat?

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White hat senders experience better email deliverability. With 22% of wanted commercial email never making it to the inbox, being a white hat sender can help you beat the odds. So what does it mean to be white hat and why is it the only choice for your business? What Is White Hat? A white hat sender’s primary concern is permission. Ask yourself: do I have the recipient’s express permission to send them this email? If the answer to this question is anything other than a resounding “yes!”, a white hat sender will not send that email. The specifics of