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Carly Brantz is a veteran in the email deliverability space working to make email simple and easy for developers by regularly writing whitepapers, research briefs and blog posts about email, technology and industry trends.

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SPOILER ALERT: Cloudmark’s 2013 Global Messaging Threat Report Findings About SMS Spam

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Email to SMS

While your email program is humming along, spammers are still hard at work trying to devise ways to send malicious messages to your customers. Mobile is now the new frontier for these elusive thieves, allowing them to be even more creative in their approach, and according to Cloudmark’s 2013 Global Messaging Threat Report, they are making good progress. It’s important … Read more ›

Why You Need an Email Preference Center

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An email preference center is a tool that helps you establish a healthy communication cadence with your subscribers. It provides an easy way for your subscribers to manage their email by giving them a centralized portal to control what they receive and how often they receive your messages. What might motivate you to set up a preference center? Let’s start … Read more ›

5 Tips To Creating A Memorable Welcome Email

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Ah the trusted “Welcome” email! This simple message is one of the most important, yet overlooked, emails that you can ever send. Remember the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” It’s never been more true than with welcome emails. Your welcome email sets the tone for every subsequent email that you deliver to your … Read more ›

SendGrid Cabo Kickoff 2014

Kickoff Montage 2014

I have been extremely fortunate to be with SendGrid for 2 1/2 years and to attend not one but all three SendGrid company kickoff events in Mexico. I am one lucky lady! I can confidently say that each one has been a special trip where I learned about the company, my coworkers, and our plans for the year. Our first … Read more ›

What is “List-Unsubscribe?”

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We’ve provided a lot of strategies and best practices to ensure delivery, improve delivery rates, and show how they will benefit you in the long run in posts like: ·   How Poor Email Deliverability Impacts Your Business ·   Email Deliverability Metrics: 7 Metrics to Watch to Prevent Delivery Failures ·   How Email Deliverability Directly Affects Your ROI … Read more ›

Why Postini is Moving to the Google Graveyard

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Postini is (or was) a product that provided email security, instant messaging security, and email archiving services founded in 1999. By 2005 Postini processed over 2.5 billion email messages on a weekly basis and provided anti-spam services for over 4,200 companies. Acquired by Google in 2007 for $625 million dollars to support the Google Apps platform, Postini is now dying … Read more ›

Celebrating Our Partnership With KKE in Japan

KKE Launch 1

Last month, I had the unique opportunity to travel to Tokyo with a group from SendGrid to celebrate the launch of SendGrid in Japan by our partner KKE. Our CEO, Jim Franklin has had a long-standing relationship with Shota Hattori, the CEO at KKE, and has worked with him in various capacities over the last 20 years. For the launch … Read more ›

SendGrid Customer Spotlight


Web apps have moved light years beyond their humble beginnings. In the 1990s, business sites resembled little more than electronic bulletin boards and CGI was the standard delivery mechanism. As the early 2000s approached, the industry demanded flexibility in addition to functionality and web platforms came to the forefront relying on REST based systems to provide more choices and customization. … Read more ›