Marketing Campaigns Is Going Multichannel

In addition to its flagship email marketing offering, Marketing Campaigns now offers Ads (in beta) to power display advertising across 3 new channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Ads.

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Use email to get more out of display ads, and vice versa.

Combine your email marketing, transactional email, and display advertising into one platform. Orchestrating complex marketing communications has never been so easy.

Create highly targeted display ad campaigns in minutes.

Use your email lists and website visitor data to create highly targeted ad campaigns that focus on the people you know. Or, widen your net and find new customers with lookalike targeting.

One place to create seamless communication.

Take your stress down a notch by using one application to create and manage your display ad and social ad campaigns. Stop hopping between siloed workflows and take a breather by staying within one platform.

Take the complexity out of flawless customer connections.

Stop getting bogged down by overly complex and complicated solutions. Use modern, streamlined workflows to conquer your communication goals with ease.


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What Our Customers are Saying

Implementing this is a no-brainer. The platform is super easy and eliminates the many steps needed to execute a successful ad campaign.

Chase Williams
Managing Partner

Our ads that we’ve developed via Twilio SendGrid Ads for Facebook have been very successful at engaging people especially with how targeted we are with those ads.

Sean Cronen
Senior Account Manager

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