Marketing Campaigns Migration

Launch into the new Marketing Campaigns

The new Marketing Campaigns will bring your email marketing to the next level by adding exciting new features such as Automation, Email Testing, and Signup Forms to the well-loved workflows you already know. With Marketing Campaigns Launch, our experts will help you quickly and smoothly get started on the new email marketing platform. Our experts will review your email marketing program, provide migration support, and teach you what you need to know to hit the ground running with the new Marketing Campaigns.

What's included?

In a one-hour guided session, our experts will:

  • Automatically migrate your templates and contacts from legacy Marketing Campaigns to new Marketing Campaigns
  • Provide guidance on migrating other assets such as images and media to get started quickly
  • Confirm that your account setup is optimized for growth and provide resources to help you set your long-term sending strategy
  • Share information about our exciting new features so you can start leveraging them to uplevel your email marketing

Marketing Campaigns Launch

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