Expert Insights


Send better email with Expert Insights. Our detailed monthly reports with expert recommendations will give you deeper visibility into the health and performance of your email program. Expert Insights will empower you to take action to improve results.

Who is this for?

  • You need to make sure that your email performance stays on track and know when there’s an issue that warrants your attention.
  • You need visibility into your email performance data, while cutting through the noise and focusing on what’s important to your deliverability.
  • You’re facing time or resources constraints for compiling and analyzing your data yourself.
  • Even if you have access to your data, you are unsure of what actions you should take to improve results based on your data  alone.

What’s included?

  • In-depth data on the key factors impacting your email reputation including IP health, spam traps, blacklistings, recipient engagement, and more
  • Logic to surface areas of improvement or highlight dips in performance metrics based on your historical data and industry best practices so you know what you should focus on
  • Access to step-by-step instructions curated by our experts so that you know exactly what to do to fix issues and optimize your future email campaigns
  • Pricing: $250 for Pro plans and $400 for Premier plans. If you have a SendGrid Pro account, you can buy this service now through our UI. Otherwise, talk to an expert to learn more.

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